Thank you Devs for Krita 5 - Particularly on what's possibile with smudge brushes

Krita 5 is so easy to use and I can now add another layer of complexity to my smudge brushes.
The ability to use height texture in combination with smudging is so fun. Big thank you Krita team, and you have done an amazing job with Krita 5.

Here are some brushes I have made

If you would like to try them out just ask.


Yes the smudging behavior at low pressure always bothered me with the subtract mode, it always leaves some hard borders where the smudge effect cuts off unless you go full pressure, and multiply just doesn’t give the effect of just touching the bumps of a rough surface with the brush.

I need to check out the brushes people already shared, because I’m not really the person to fiddle with brush settings for hours, and the height modes also seems a bit tricky to tweak, but it definitely produces nicer results.


Yea i found linear height to work best for me, it gave me the nicest/more natural results for what i was wanting.

dunno if I should DM you or… but can I try your smudge brushes please…?

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Here is the bundle of 4.

Tell me if it works and what you think, I did use three of Kritas default brush tips and one custom one. I find that kritas default brush tips are all you need and from there I built these brushes.


So glad they work for you. And yes tweak them and change them as much as you want :slight_smile:

I am painting some animation backgrounds with these brushes. Here is one of my backgrounds to show the brushes.


incredible. love the one Life Together piece you made as well, looking forward to how this one will come out.

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Thanks, Tachiko, that means a lot

@Komorebi the link is dead, may I ask you to share it again?


i gotchu : Proton Drive


Thx !

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my bad I must have accidentally deleted it. Thanks @tachiko


Good afternoon, I can’t follow the link

:slight_smile: Hello @Moia_Vladiko and welcome to the forum!

Follow the link @tachiko gave a few posts above, I copied it into my reply to you, and click on the blue text ↓

It brings you to tachiko’s cloud, from where you can download it.