The Autumn Spirit

This is probably my most ambitious paintings at almost 18 hours of work spread out over a few weeks.

my process for the piece started with two separate documents, one full of about 20 different references, my initial thumbnail sketches and notes on what i wanted to achieve. the other was my actual painting where i drew in a rough sketch and placed the colors i decided on in my thumbnail drawing as the base for the full version.

Then the most tedious and time consuming portion is the actual painting. I started with the shadows and the background and working my way forward. The clouds, distant mountains, and forest below the cliff were the first things i painted. A combination of layers alternating between paint layers and effects, mainly multiply, addition, and color dodge, let me adjust my colors and contrast.

the dragon was the most difficult, as leaves become a grind to paint and with the multitude of colors and direction i needed to layer them, I couldn’t use my normal method of starting with painting the darker portions first and layering brighter areas over the top.

the brushes i used were fairly minimal and built in: basic round with flow, airbrush for effects, the big texture brush, and one rgba brush that I made slight modifications to.

The Logos are a bit hidden: The Krita logo is in the trees above Kiki’s head and the Huion Logo is between the trees and the dragon’s tail and is a bit more blended into the cliffside

*I don’t know if it is necessary to link my references since their use is more akin to a mood board in use than replication.
higher quality png format version:



Note: it took me a while to find both logo :sweat_smile:
May be you should also provide additional picture which zoom on them to be sure that they’ll be seen :thinking:


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shoot, i was gonna mention how to find the logos, i think i can go back and edit my post yet

Nice colors, I really like the golden-yellows throughout the piece. 18 hours well-spent, awesome job!

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very cool. and I found the logos. it is hard to find them. :eyes:

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Thanks, yeah i did add a description of how to find them but they are pretty subtle

so amazing artwork! Very good render!

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Thank you!!

Another dragon in the contest :wink: Good luck ^^

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