The best color selector?

I was just reading Björn Ottosson’s article. In it there is a summary of the various models and two new models are proposed:

HSV HSL HSLuv Lab-like* NCS Okhsv Okhsl
Orthogonal Lightness no no yes yes no no yes
Orthogonal Chroma no no no yes partial no no
Orthogonal Saturation partial no no no** no partial no
Orthogonal Hue partial partial partial yes yes yes yes
Simple Geometrical Shape yes yes yes no no*** yes yes
Max Chroma at Edge yes no no yes no yes no
Varies Smoothly yes yes no yes yes yes yes
Varies Evenly no no no yes partial no no

We can see that “Lab-like” has the most “yes”. One of its shortcomings is “Orthogonal Saturation” which is not well done by other models. The other is Simple Geometrical Shape:
LCH has a dynamic color picker. But it tends to be triangular, which is an advantage: it is always “low saturation” in areas close to white and black. However, the current three-level color selector is only the HSL model.

GIMP also has an LCH color picker. It may be made by cielab, so the hue is a bit strange. The LCH produced by Oklab is more ideal. It is said that photoshop2022’s new update on gradients uses oklab


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