The Best Way to Create Wallpaper Images for Your Smartphone

Hi there,

Today I’m going to show you how to use Krita to create your own custom smartphone wallpapers. It’s super easy and I hope you can give it a try.
I use my phone as an example. Look up the specs, as I show you at the start of the video, for your phone and you’ll be fine.

00:00 Introduction
00:09 Let’s get started
01:39 You can create something from scratch
02:24 Or you can import your own creations or photographs!
03:32 You can add as many images as you want.
04:12 There are many ways to send pictures from your desktop computer to your phone.
04:50 Get your phone and download the image from your text.
05:08 Time to set the image as wallpaper! How to do it on a Google phone.
06:32 Conclusion

Have fun trying and please let me know in the comment area if you tried it or not.
Thanks. I hope you are enjoying a happy and safe summer!