The Process

A few details at a time…always checking/comparing… :slight_smile:

As real as possible, but a bit painterly as well.

What is your process?


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My process is something like:

Try to take a nap, fail at that, but come up with some idea instead. Worry about how you’re going to fail to execute it.

Try to cram it into a composition, bouncing back and forth between black and white silhouettes and line drawing. Think you’re done, know there must be a better solution, redraw. Eventually give up and accept that it’s as good as you’re going to get it. Start fretting about the lighting.

Over-render the small details while forgetting about the big picture. Repaint. Repeat a couple of times.

Feel good about the result, then wake up the next day and wonder what you were thinking.

Try to take a nap again. Fail.


:+1::grin::heavy_check_mark: That Works!

What’s a process?!! :hushed:

I sometimes paint something that I think is cool for some reason, then I decide that if I throw enough hours at it, it might turn into the best thing ever…

Until I eventually get worn out from trying to beat it into shape and drift away - occasionally returning to remind myself why I gave up on it in the first place.

I have few like that - in perpetual limbo, hoping one day to be freed from torment… :scream:


I can identify with that @Mythmaker but moreso in the fiction and poetry writing pursuit…

I don’t have much issue with abandoning a ‘bad’ drawing or painting…always another one in the wings. I do sometimes regret the time spent, but I also chalk it up to important learning (in the process :slight_smile: ).

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I dont really know how to describe my process.

I spent alot of time after work trying to convince myself that i can stare for another 3 to 5hrs on a computer after doing so at work or that i have enough brain activity to think of idea. I find it hard to switch form work mode to lets look at pretty pics to draw mode.

Proceed to either browse yt and other socmed or randomly google searching just about anything come up with idea bounce of to some friend.

Look for reference in pinterest or google then drop them in my reference folder.

Sketch. Sketch. Ask myself if i still have time to color or I want to color it.

If yes obsess over details till its done or I lost interest. if not repeat.

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Get home from work at half past six in the evening. Eating while browsing and watching videos. Then realize that the food has made me really sleepy. “I’ll just rest on the bed while I listen to Lindybeige (or Caspian Report or someone else that will talk for a while)”. Wake up at ten or so, still feeling drowsy. More browsing and videos until the fog in my head clears up around midnight. Begin to work on something while feeling bad because I really should be sleeping. At three o clock in the morning I manage to tear myself away and go to bed a few hours before it’s time for paid work again.

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