The Winter Lands Golem

Leon and Kiki got a little bit lost while hiking through the Winter Lands.
Fortunately, they encountered a half-buried rock golem who kindly helped them get to their destination.
Kiki is still struggling to find their exact location, though.

*** I like the way animated movies use painted backgrounds and drawn characters, so I tried to replicate the style. I actually had to learn how to paint snow to create this piece, because winter is my favorite season and I HAD to make it about winter. XD

I used some screencaps from Brother Bear as reference to create the trees and to get the composition right. And I got the idea for the golem after rewatching the first chapter of Hilda, although my character is way simpler. The rest was on me.

Hope you like it.



The picture is very immersive, like I would stand behind a tree and watch them. Very nice.


lovely piece

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Wahou ! Good job, the story is nice !

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Thanks! I’m glad you liked it! :smile:

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So cool style! I like it so much!

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I would love to see a story between them with this trait! Hahahahaha


NOICE!!! I love it!

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hello, really like the art that you created

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Thank you! I’m glad you liked it :smiley:

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no problem