Tiar's Universal Brush Pack (startpack for beginners!)

Link to the bundle

It’s a very basic bundle for beginners who are often lost in more advanced brush packs - there are just too many options. This bundle answers pleas of those in trouble by providing exactly one brush for sketching, one brush for painting and one brush for blending when the painting brush isn’t good enough.


Yeah, two of three of your brushes have missing brushtips, I guess. They are marked with cross. :frowning:

Hi @tiar, any update or fixing your bundle??? :o

I guess the brushes are trying to access some missing resource.

  • Select the brush
  • Open the preset editor (F5)
  • Select auto & make the brush bigger, or, under the predefined, select any pattern. Circle Hard Eroded looks nice.
  • Overwrite Brush
  • Enjoy :smiley:
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Can you please tell me if it’s working now? I changed it and now it’s working for me…

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Now they are working here. :ok_hand:

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Now they are working there. :slight_smile:

They work well here too. It is awesome to see how a coder is worried about how good Krita experience can be for a newbie or a kid or an oldie. Lately i am more sensitive to this things. I apreciate your work with Krita Tiar

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Nice pack! I love getting just the basics (and thank you for tagging your brushes!).

I’m a little confused about what the blending brush does differently from the painting brush. I’ve tried to compare them with usage (results below). The smudging brush is more sensitive to pressure, but I don’t notice that much of a difference with interaction with colour.

Hi. New to krita. Hope i can be of use and learn from u all.

Smudge Brush has Color Rate turned on with Pressure as well, which means when you press slightly, it becomes a pure blender, and when you press harder, it becomes just a paint brush. It helps smoothing some things out when it would take too much time with the paint brush.

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