UX suggestions for Magnetic Lasso

So folks if you try the Krita Next builds from here. You would find a new Magnetic Selection tool which is similar to the one Photoshop has. Here is how it works for now.

The first thing to note is, it no longer works like the PS one, and what I mean by it is, fundamentally both do the same thing, but the User Experience or the UX is different. In Photoshop,

  1. We click on a image and make an anchor. Beware I use point/anchor in the post interchangeably, don’t worry both mean the same thing.
  2. Then hover around the edge present in the image and the selection sticks to the edge.
  3. We keep on selecting, until we complete the selection by clicking on the initial point which we made in the Step 1.

In Krita,

  1. You make a point by clicking on the image, similar to Photoshop.
  2. Then go on making points like the polygon selection tool, and the path automatically sticks to the edges present in the image.
  3. We can either click on the initial point to close the loop and press Enter or simply press Enter to make a selection, we will call this the manual mode, just for clarity.


  1. You press on a part on the image.
  2. Then drag the mouse while keeping your left mouse button pressed, along the edge.
  3. Release the mouse when done, the path would automatically stick to the edges present in the image
  4. Now we can either click on the initial point to close the loop and press Enter or simply press Enter to make a selection and we will call this approach the interactive mode.

Now the craziest part is both of the approaches can be used interchangeably, in whatever way we want. Both will result similar kind of selections depending on how you place the points in the first approach, since the points are placed automatically by the algorithm in the second approach.

Note: We can also create a selection after closing the cage by clicking on the initial point one more time.

But what is the reason of creating anchors? There is not only one reason but a bunch of them, well in short cause they are editable,

  • To delete an anchor you can either double click on the anchor or click drag it out of the canvas.
  • The path can be adjusted by selecting and dragging the anchors.
  • We can also add new anchors in middle by double clicking in the empty space but this is only available after completing the cage by clicking on the initial point.
  • We can undo the points by pressing Shift+Z this would delete the last anchor that we made.

And to cancel a selection just press Esc , it would remove everything and start from scratch. Rest of the functions are similar to the other selection tools like the Outline Selection Tool, so we can just refer to the manual for the rest like adding to the selection and deleting from the selection.


Now, since UX is out of the way, Magnetic Lasso, gives us 4 options to play with in the Tool Options docker, as seen in the Screenshot,

  • Filter Radius : Determine the radius of the kernel to be used for the pre-filtering the image for the initial guess where the edges are. The range of which is from 2.5 to 100.
  • Threshold : From 0 to 255, how sharp your egde is, 0 is least while 255 is the most, used in the Interactive mode only.
  • Search Radius : Amount of pixels the search area for the edge is extended to, beware more the amount of pixels, more slow the algorithm will get, since it has to search bigger areas now.
  • Anchor Gap : As, in interactive mode anchors get placed automatically, this value determines the average gap between 2 anchors, keep low for high precision, but can get quite dense in low values.

Now the problem is the usage of double clicks. It leads to a couple of bugs since Qt the underlying framework Krita uses triggers both single click and double click events for one double click event which confuses the tool a bit and in some cases leads to a crash. There are a couple of hacks which could be made to avoid this kind of situation, one of them is to have a timer time the single click and double click but it is still not a proper solution.

Also double clicks don’t play that well with tablets, so I was looking for some alternative UX solutions from the artists so that we can eliminate double clicks from the tool entirely. :smiley_cat:


Great work on the magnetic lasso tool!

How about ALT+Click to remove points and SHIFT+Click to add them instead of middle click? As ALT is usually a modifier key in a lot of apps to remove and Shift is to Add.

The problem with Shift and Alt is they are already assigned to add and subtract to selections, :frowning_face:

Maybe show a delete button after hovering over an anchor point? A bit like we do for assistants?

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Sure, that would be one thing but we would need something similar to add a new anchor point in between 2 old anchor points too.

For now, I think it would be better to just remove the double click option and focus on getting this tool to have no crashes. If there is a bit less functionality so be it. This is a brand new tool. I think once people start playing around with a stable base tool, we can then focus out how to improve it.