Vector layers blank after reopening save

I’ve toggled visibility, checked blending modes, made sure active layer isn’t isolated. But all of my recent saved work on vector layers has disappeared when I’ve reopened the file. The layer is there, but it’s empty. On one file, I can see the preview on the layer menu, but it still doesn’t show on the canvas. The other files, even the preview is empty. My version of Krita is up to date, and this has happened on two different computers.

I haven’t found a solution after several days of googling and forum hunting, so I’m hoping it’s an issue with an obvious fix I’ve missed.

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Which version number of krita are you using and which operating system?

Can you upload a full screen screenshot with the Layers docker visible?

Can you make two of the .kra files available via a link to a file sharing service or website?
I suggest a file that does have the Layers docker thumbnail showing and another that doesn’t have the Layers docker thumbnail showing, as you described above.

Windows 10 (both computers). Krita 4.4.7. I reopened the file and couldn’t get the preview to work again. So here is the screen shot and file. The vector layer is supposed to have some triangular letter shapes (custom, didn’t use the text tool).

I had a look at the .kra file.

[As a minor point, you’re using a CMYK/A colour space. This is not a good idea and you should be using RGB instead. If you have definite experience of producing CMYK artwork for a familiar printing process then maybe this is ok because you know what you’re doing.]

The problem seems to be that you’ve created an image with a ppi value of 1, at least according to one part of the .kra file information.
However, the Image → Properties information says that the resolution is 100 ppi. I’ve no idea how that can happen.
Have you been rescaling the vector layer but not rescaling the entire image?

The .svg content is there in the .kra file but it’s a very large image.

Please try again and when you create a new file, make sure that the Resolution value is at least 100 ppi and don’t rescale anything in any way.

This may need a formal bug report but at the moment I can’t figure out what’s happening or has been happening.

So far so good now that I’ve set the ppi to 100, thank you!

I do use CMYK for printing purposes. Does Krita have issues with it?


Krita manage colorspaces without any problem.

But internally, for what I understood, vector shapes uses SVG format that is not compatible with CMYK.
So you have a RGB->CMYK conversion made on the fly to render vector shapes in your document.

But final CMYK export as PNG or JPEG should be ok.

Usually working directly with CMYK is not really recommended except if you really know what you’re doing (what’s a colorspace, working with a calibrated display, using the right CMYK colorspace profile according to final printer on which document will be printed, …)


Ah, I see. Thank you for the explanation. I design with vector but do final color after converting to raster, so it’s not an issue there. There probably will be some adjustment down the line, but that’s print.

Bug report: 444291 – An image of 1.00 ppi resolution is opened at a forced 100ppi resolution

@solarwitch Any resolution of 1.01 ppi or greater will not have a problem.
(Fractional resolution is possible in versions 5.x)
The only use for 1 ppi that I can think of is designing a large mosaic mural.

Thank you! I’ll keep my images at 100 ppi from now on. I was experimenting with it as a way to reduce file size because the work I do is based on pixel count and not resolution.

The ppi resolution of an image doesn’t affect the file size or the pixel count.
A 1,000 x 1,000 image is 1 million pixels and always will be.
The ppi value will affect the printed size of an image, assuming that the printer pays attention to it.
Also, internally in krita, the ppi is used to calculate distances when using the Measure tool or anything else related to ‘real world’ distances. These are only relevant for printed images (or mosaic murals).

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