Version 5.0 of wojtryb's "Won't teach you to draw" brushpack released

Hi guys :slight_smile:
I finally managed to export a new version of my brushpack. I also made a new manual with painting examples to help you learn them. Apart from that, I gathered in one place nearly all of my krita related resources - scripts, video tips, color schemes…

Big thanks to Rakurri for letting me use one of his brush tips, as well as to Ramon and Boudewijn for giving me permission to use some of Digital Atelier resources a few months ago, when I was releasing v4.0.

I wish you a lot of fun while painting - let me know what your thoughts and results are :wink:
Cheers :slight_smile:


Congrats on the release of the 5th version, Wojtryb! :grin: Excited to test it out when I get more time on my hands!

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Thanks a lot :slight_smile: it was a real challenge to export them properly at current state of resource manager - can’t wait for krita 5.0 and its resource rewrite.
Hope you’ll find something useful there, just like I did in your set :slight_smile:

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@wojtryb Thank you. Seems pretty good again. I have some questions and a JPEG (quick try of updated brushes) below.

1- Whats the difference between N and R bundles?
2- I feel like move-tool removing all painting at %100 opacity. Is it working fine or do i use it wrong?
3- That little videos are so helpful… Could you increase both their time and quantity, please?

  1. As stated in the manual, N stands for normal, while R for rotation. If your tablet has tilt support, you should use R, and N otherwise.
  2. Move tool should move parts of image that are under the cursor the moment you start drawing. If you start from white canvas, it should remove everything with 100%
  3. The videos were done as a part of the longer video being made by this community. I’m not sure if anybody will make it come true, so I decided to publish them just in case. I don’t really think I will continue to do them.

Btw, you’ll be losing quite a lot of color dependent features working in black and white.

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thanks for reminding about this.

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