Video tutorial: keyboard shortcuts

Hi there, another video from me :wink:

This time I share all my knowledge about keyboard shortcuts in krita. Even though the custom bindings are subjective, I think that the reasoning behind them, and the overall knowledge, that those actions and features exist, were worth dedicatating a separate video.

I also present there my tool modifier add-on that originated in this KA thread, but got updated and polished for the sake of the video. Here you have a github download link:



This is a very good tutorial. Congrats, I have watched once but I will analyze it in detail. Maybe is not cool for people who want to see only paintings but useful for the people who use the software a lot.

Thank you!

Since I started working full time as a programmer itโ€™s really hard for me to create art - but I cas still share some of my technical knowledge about krita I gained trough all those years, and this way - stay close to the community :slight_smile:

I also believe this is a nice niche among all those other more painting-oriented channels. Though I can still switch a bit more towards art, as soon as I regain time and energy to do so :wink:


The toolmodifier seems to have increased the time it takes me to create a new canvas by 50%. I switched krita to the initial setting and tested it:
1.Close toolmodifier and open other plug-ins
2.only open toolmodifier

I made a gif recording of it and it was about what I predicted in terms of frame rate and file size.

Has anyone else met this problem?

The plugin uses EventFilters - it intercepts all the events that happen inside of krita, looking for keyboard keys being released. This has some impact on performance, even when youโ€™re not pressing any keys, as krita emits a lot of different events all the time, and I have to check them all, searching for keyboard events.

There is no other way to detect keys being released using a python plugin. To omit the performance loss, the feature would have to be written in C++ in krita source code, which is not something I could do with my current skills (Iโ€™m a python programmer by profession).

If thatโ€™s a problem, consider specifying tool modifiers in canvas input settings.

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