Video tutorial: Painting anatomy, cylinder and organic forms

Hi, once again I’m here with a new krita video.

It’s in fact the first time I spend so much time talking about actual painting experience and techniques instead of bare krita features, but I hope you’ll like it still - this moment had to come at some point, and I’m glad I managed to do that :wink:

Have a great day,
Cheers :slight_smile:


This is a very nice brush. I tried creating a similar one a year or so ago but it didn’t really get it to work like I wanted. The video title mentions it’s a Krita 5 trick, which Krita 5 exclusive features are used for the brush? I think you didn’t mention it in the video.


Thank you!
Krita 5 is in the title for “clickbait reasons” - sorry for that :stuck_out_tongue: The actual requirement of the brushpack is 4.4.0


I understand :smiley:


For many of my sketchy brushes I started to use tilt elevation to control the size of the brush. Basically it gets smaller as closer you get to 90° and bigger with smaller angles (just like with a good old pencil). Perhaps it could be a nice tweak for your brush too. You find yourself resizing brushes a lot less but it takes a bit of time getting used too.

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Thanks for the tip!
When I bought my tilt tablet I felt in love with tilt direction, but couldn’t get used to tilt elevation. Due to this it never appeared in my brushpack.
But I know that this inpit exists, so maybe someday I’ll spend some time with it and try to get used to it :slight_smile:


Really nice and informative video! Mix of hand and soft edge in this brush feels really organic but from my experience its really hard to control :weary:
I found out about similar brush years ago

Sadly Krita dont have good jittering for smooth gradients which makes this brush look ‘janky’ so its not good for creating smooth surfaces.
Your brush has texture of its own so thats works better overall with krita.

@wojtryb: If you’re using a Wacom tablet that supports it, I really recommend splurging on the Art Pen for this technique - it has a rotation sensor! So you can just rotate the barrel of the pen in your hand to get just the right angle.

No affiliation with Wacom :stuck_out_tongue:

Cool I didn’t know Wacom had a special pen that can do that. I don’t understand why that’s not the default pen for their tablet’s at least for the more expensive ones. I mean, comon wacom. I spend 2000 bucks on your tablet, why not just give me your best pen! x3

Here the art pens are not even listed on the wacom store in my country :slight_smile:

Well now I’m worried that they’re going to discontinue them! I checked on the store and they just let you “join the waiting list” to get them… And when I lost the side switch to mine a while ago, I had quite a time trying to find the right replacement part, and eventually after asking them, they sent me the switch for the wrong pen anyway. It doesn’t seem like they sell the switches for that pen at all, I sure hope they don’t just ditch the whole pen. It’s the only pen on the market for any tablet that supports rotation AFAIK, I’d be pretty screwed without it.

The pen looks exactly like another one I have from my older tablet. How is one supposed to know which pen one has? I can’t find a serial number or anything on my pens. But apparently both I have don’t support rotation.

@Zer0Frost thank you! It’s just takes a bit of practice to get used to (as everything in painting). But I believe it’s still easier than doing those gradient with low opacity brush :slight_smile:

@hulmanen yup, my tablet supports it. But I never decided to buy one, 'cause as far as I remember those don’t have buttons to which I’m kind of addicted.
But as you recommend it so much, maybe I’ll reconsider.

Money, they love money :stuck_out_tongue:

@wojtryb the Art Pen has the usual buttons on the side and the eraser as well. There used to be a broad -tip marker style stylus that had no buttons, maybe you’re thinking of that.

The only differences between the Art Pen and the standard stylus are the rotation support, the art pen is maybe a tad thicker and has slightly thicker nibs as well, and for some reason uses a different side switch. So if you get one, don’t lose the switch as I haven’t found a replacement!

Yes, I see now - it’s basically the same pen but with rotation and expensive :smiley: thanks for the recommendation

In my impression, the art pen does not support 8192 pressure sensitivity

@TheTwo That is possible! It’s been a long time since I used a “standard” stylus, I don’t recall noticing a difference in sensitivity.

You’re welcome :smiley: Can’t really argue because I color pick blended for years and im super comfortabel with it xD

This brush could be set to Rotation - Drawing angle. This would cut time needed to rotate brush in settings.
Test with mouse:

how did you do the wheel that it has alot of brush set on that wheel??? i wanna use it too!

I’ll try a shot in the dark. When on Canvas, do a right-mouse-button-click.
Did you mean that?