View kra files in other Image Viewers

One question. I can see kra files in Windows Explorer, normally, so far so good. But I also use a great image viewer, FastStone Image Viewer, in it I can see psd files… but not the kra ones! Is there any way to resolve this?

ask them to add .kra support…


You need to request FastStone official to add KRA support. This is not difficult because the KRA file can extract PNG thumbnails.

(I once requested from allusion and got a quick response.)

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I wrote FastStone about a year ago, maybe earlier, and even explained that they can use the “mergedimage.png” inside the KRA files and that KRA files are ZIP archives where everything is stored. I also mentioned that Krita is FOSS and that there shouldn’t be any big problems with licenses and unlike proprietary formats there probably wouldn’t be any license fees to pay. :wink:
At minimum one year and one version later still nothing happened…



XnView MP can show .kra-thumbnails if I remember right. It’s very convinient.


I already suspected that someone had contacted the FastStone developer, so I decided to ask first here, on the forum. When I started using Krita and saw that the program became more popular, I expected FastStone to support Krita file viewing and so far it hasn’t…

FastStone offers a thumbnail view and a small preview of the enlarged image, all in the same window. None of the viewers I tried had this characteristic: either they showed the thumbnails or the image enlarged, that is, it was either one or the other.

After wasting time downloading / installing / removing viewers, I decided to stick with FastStone.

The more people that come forward to companies like FastStone and ask for support of the KRA and KRZ formats, the better. That’s how such companies realize that there is a need that they could support. KRA is at least known to most file type recognizing websites, KRZ is a different story.
I checked the file type recognition websites known to me for Krita’s formats, and KRZ is only known on (KRZ is also used for the “Kurzweil2000” format, which also only very few of these sites knew, but we don’t care).
So obviously the file types would have to be made known in other ways too to let companies like FastStone recognize a possible need.


The FastStone Viewer seems to run nicely under Wine on Linux if anyone wants to try it on Linux. (I tried the portable version.)

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One thing I forgot to mention: FastStone has a problem viewing psd files. If you save a selection as a channel and leave the channel activated…the program will display the file as in the central figure below.

But that’s because I opened and edited the psd file in Gimp (top figure). If it were in Photoshop, FastStone would display the psd file on a black background with the selection in white.

This happened a lot when I was using Photoshop and I forgot some activated channel. To solve, I had to open the file and hide the channel… then FastStone displayed the file normally, as in the last figure.

Maybe few people noticed this problem… and I don’t even know if the FastStone developer could solve it. It continues on the latest version (7.6), which I just installed.

Well on imagine board I managed to display KRA and KRA~ files as much as other backup files krita ussually creates with the ~.

On FastStone? As you did? When I click on a directory that only contains kra files, FastStone doesn’t show me anything…

On GNU/Linux, the Image Viewer qimgv is super quick at that.


it is a little image viewer I am working on currently not FastStone I never seen it before this.

The big advantage of FastStone is that I can resize it, so that it is next to Krita, as in the screenshot below… and showing the thumbnails and a small enlargement of the chosen image:

Sorry, but you disabled the possibility to PM you…

I wonder what this has to do with your topic or the original question you asked?
Wasn’t this about displaying files in the Krita file formats in (other) image viewers?

It’s great that you also know Photoshop and GIMP (and who knows what else), and also know about many other things from the graphics area, but this forum is and remains a Krita forum.

I would have expected you to tell us that you have now also asked FastStone to support the Krita formats. Or, that you would have researched other image viewers, and report on their abilities in handling KRA & KRZ files.
We also always appreciate your tips on resource sources. At least I, as a resource freak, am very happy about any hint to resources that are usable in Krita. We are also happy about any concrete example or tutorial to solve tasks IN AND/OR WITH KRITA (possibly better).

And as much as I would be happy to see Photoshop cause bigger issues for its users. Issues that, if possible, are so big that these users would think about switching to Krita, for example.
So little I understand why you now had to lecture about a very specific problem of a PSD file, after editing in a NON PHOTOSHOP APPLICATION and viewing it in another application, in a topic about viewing KRA-Files?
You should have posted this in a Photoshop forum, I’m sure they would have been happy to learn that they shouldn’t edit their PSD’s in GIMP if they want to view them later in FastStone Image Viewer.
It doesn’t fit the topic, nor this forum.

But all of this is so contrived, I just don’t understand it. Did you start the topic just to tell us this? >>

:question: :question: :question: You forgot to mention it? So, from the beginning, it was your intention to talk about this?

You know that you can get the specifications of the PSD format only against payment?
That this can cause display issues when I edit such a PSD file, in a FOSS program like GIMP and then want to view it in another non-Adobe application, is almost an expected consequence to expect.

Why the heck should this be useful information for this forum? And a PS-User typically checks the result of its work in FastStone? And because it bothers you this much for a probably very long time… >>

…you haven’t contacted FastStone, but created this topic?

You’ll probably be the one and only who has noticed this…
But why did you offer this valuable information to the Krita-Community? Why not pushing this to FastStone, it seems to be so important to you, that your beloved FastStone image viewer displays these special GIMP PSD’s correctly? Or have I misunderstood you?


Add/Edit: You really should take a look at the Imagine Board-Plugin. FastStone is a crippled joke in comparison when it comes to use a image viewing application together with Krita.

I was just talking about compatibility in other image viewers.
And I understand I did that too in the past I used windows explorer instead.

I understood. But when I tried the other viewers, I didn’t know Krita…

Nomacs image viewer kind of does what you want I think, and has *.kra support.

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I tried to install this program, about a year ago and it crashed, here on Windows10. Still, thanks for the suggestion.

the default explorer is not enough?

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