Viewing Different Layers on Different Monitors

I’m fairly new to Krita and I’ve been trying to set up my workspace to use on multiple monitors. Is there a way to make particular layers visible on one display and not on the other? I’ve currently got it set up to display the canvas on both monitors.

Any help is much appreciated!

You can configure Krita to display multiple documents in subwindows instead of tabs. This will allow you to have a working copy on one display and open the same file again and move the tab over to the 2nd display. I’m not sure you’ll get what you want but it’s worth a try.

To configure Krita this way, go to Settings, Configure Krita, General, Windows. Select subwindows instead of tabs.

Thanks Sooz. I’ve given your recommendation a go, although every change made to the visibility of layers affects both windows (which is to be expected I suppose). Thanks very much for your help anyway :slight_smile:


Oh well. It was worth a try. If you’re trying to capture unedited views of certain layers, what if you hid the layers you don’t want to see, export the views as a png or jpg, then bring them in as reference pics?

Also try composition docker. It helps in making set of compositions based on layer visibility etc.

I just gave that a shot and it seems as though even adding it as a reference image affects both screens. Unless you know of any way to use a reference image only on one screen?

Thanks again for the tip, however, this also affects both screens. Great idea though!

@origami_hero02 If you could explain why you want that arrangement, in terms of workflow and end result, etc., someone may be able to suggest another way of doing things.

Sure thing! Essentially I’m using the dropper tool to pull colours from a reference photo I’ve taken and paint them onto a blank canvas. I need to see where the colours are coming from so I’ve got the reference image overlayed with reduced opacity on my drawing tablet. However, I would like to see the end result (progress on the blank canvas) on my external monitor while I’m doing this. Totally understandable if this isn’t possible though, I figured its a bit of an odd use case :slight_smile:

If you need to sample colours from a different layer there is a shortcut to pick colours only from a selected layer. Instead of normal Ctrl + Click which samples from all layers , select the layer from where you want to pick colours and then use the Ctrl + Alt + Click shortcut. It will pick only from the selected layer no matter if it is beneath others or is not visible due to something else on top of it. You can switch between your working layer and the layer where you want to pick colours from using the ; shortcut key. Which selects previous selected layer.

So you switch to previous layer pick colour only from that layer and switch back to layer you are working on and paint.

Thanks very much for that, the first tip is really useful actually! I can’t seem to get the switching hotkey to work properly though. Is that something I need to configure manually in settings?

Aah my mistake the key is ; The / key is for previous preset not layer sorry.

Ahh that works better, no worries at all! Thanks heaps for the tips, I’ll be sure to find ways to incorporate them into my workflow to speed things up :wink:

Actually, one more quick question. Is there a hotkey for toggling the visibility of layers?

If I understand you correctly, and you want to see only one layer, i.e. hide all others, then it is sufficient to left-click (LMB) on the layer to be displayed while holding down the ALT key.


Not quite sorry, I should’ve been a bit more specific…

Is there a hotkey to toggle the visibility of any particular layer, regardless of whether or not it is the active/selected layer?

You can add a shortcut for toggling visibility of active layer in the keyboard shortcuts. But I think what you are asking can be achieved by Holding Shift key and clicking on the eye symbol of the layer you want to keep visible. The eye symbol of rest all layers will be off and the visibility will be turned off for them. It need not be your current selected layer.

P.S. what @Michelist suggested was isolating layer in that visibility is not changed of any layer, The active layer is just shown in isoltation to you.

If you don’t even want to shift and click the eye symbol and want to toggle visibility of specific layer then I think you might need to write a python script

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