Voters for the Krita Group on DeviantArt

Hi folks,
I’m now for quite a long time, together with Thera Hedwig, the only person who is approving the artwork submissions on DeviantArt for the Krita group.
And the sheer mass of submissions is just too much for us two to handle.

I’m looking for people that are active on DeviantArt and know how groups on DeviantArt work.
You can either reply here, send me a message or a note on DeviantArt


hello, i’m a member of the group “mcoudert”, i’ve never used group on deviantart but i’m sure i can learn how to manage it, if you need help, i can do it if you haven’t found someone. I can go to deviantart once a day.
except the tag or krita mention, is there other rules on non accepting a submission?

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Nope, that is pretty much the only rule. With the general submission rules on DA.

There isn’t much to know about the process. The group gets something submitted by an artist. And you have to check that in your notifications on DeviantArt. But you don’t get a visual feedback on the site that there is new artwork in the group queue. Which only means you would have to check regularly.

@bloodywing ok, if you want, i can help :wink: