wacom pens - love or hate?

My first Wacom (3?) had a ‘slim’ grey pen. I thought it was great but was a bit slippery in the hand as it was hard, slick plastic…

My next one (4th gen?) has a ‘grip’ pen. A big bulky thing with a nice non-slip rubberized grip but I always felt like I was trying to draw with a broom or something… I guess people liked the bigger brush thing though cause they seem to have become the standard. :frowning:

My new Wacom Intuos Pro (6) came with the ‘new’ grip style pen. This time they are now offering a ‘slim’ pen. Woo-Hoo! of course it comes at a cost — more than an entire tablet and pen from other manufacturers. :slight_smile:

It arrived yesterday and I do like it. definitely has a different feel than the fat one. Will continue to swap back and forth to see if I like one or the other better.

What’s Your Experience with drawing pens?

Honestly I never put much thought into the pens, had an Intous A3, Intous Pro and now a Cintiq, all with different pens. I remember the first one was pretty fat and bulky but in the end they got the job done without giving me hand cramps even when used daily and that was all that mattered to me. I was lucky enough to skip all the models where pens and tips had issues it seems.


I’m not sure if you guys think this model is too old, but if it is then sorry.

I got my Wacom Bamboo CTL-470 in 2013, it is old and it has a rather fat pen and has no grips on it, it’s made out of plastic sometimes it’s hard to replace the nibs, just like trying to find the nibs to buy them. It also has a strange feeling when holding it. (I cannot find a good way to say it, but it kinda is like you aren’t holding it properly any way you hold it.)
Overall I don’t hate it, but I don’t necessarily like it. I really hope the Huion tablets/displays are better when it comes down to the pens. :sweat_smile:

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I feel this! I am currently working with a wacom one and this weird cony pen - it gets the job done, so it’s fine :smiley:

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I really like the thickness personally. I don’t know why, but I find the larger barrel size feels very comfortable. Back when I used to draw with ink pens, I actually cut old markers up to use as holders for the regular-sized pens I felt were too small :smiley:

Edit: One thing is that I find myself gripping much harder with smaller shafts. So bigger equals more relaxed equals more comfortable for me.

Probably a bit of an edge case… The worst thing about the Wacom grips is that the rubber can become slimy in some conditions, not sure what causes it.

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Nah, I bet you are more typical…artists want those big whankers. :slight_smile:

Even though I don’t have a Wacom, I know one of Wacom’s pens, it was similar in diameter to my Huion’s and it felt good in the hand, it was fun to work with. Compared to my old DIGImend pen, a thin twig, barely thicker than the AAA battery it needs to run, the thick things are a vacation for the fingers, finally no more cramps during longer creative attacks.

For me, the thicker the better. :rofl:


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Ha! Now that I’ve had a bit of time to play with the fat and skinny pens side-by-side I’m back to thinking I like the fatter one better. LOL!

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So far I haven’t really been happy with any pen…
The shape that all vendors seem to have adopted as standard with minor variations now feels too fat to me too.

But I still have a super old stylus from an Intuos before they had numbers (and USB :laughing:), but that one is too slim, and it’s also very top-heavy, so I wouldn’t want to use that one either.

Unfortunately no vendor specifies the diameter of their pens, and there is no store here were you could just give them a try, but I’d be curious how the Wacom “Pro Pen slim” feels (though given the steep price, it sucks you can’t just pick your preferred pen when buying a new tablet)


I’m sorry, I just have to ask from when this is and how it was connected, seriel/parallel port?

Yes serial port :slight_smile:
And that means it had a separate power supply too.

Unlike mice and keyboards, they never adopted the PS/2 port, maybe the protocol just wasn’t suitable…

Ah, the good old days. I sometimes miss serial and parallel ports. Always felt so techy x3.

I wonder if they could have used the game port but when I think about it, I can’t remember anything ever using that port, even early game controllers I had were always serial.

I love Wacom pens but for a strange reason.

I worked at Staples for a while and people stole my pens there so I got a pen that was the worst seller that were a big bulky thing and eventually I got used to it and liked it too. Everyone that I lend it too hated it so much that they always gave it back. Hahaha.

So the Wacom pen I have now feels quite natural to me.


Ha! Love it!