Way to make selected for only visible 5 seconds

That way it gives me time to select the layers I want to make new layer from visible

Could you elaborate a bit more on your request? To me it’s not clear what you are asking for.

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i’d like to select certain layers amongst many. all are visible. but i only want to right click and make new layer from visible. but only from the selected visible and so i need to hide the rest.
5 seconds gives me time to right click and make new layer from visible
then it can revert to how all layers were

Wouldn’t it be much easier to make a new “new layer from selected” function instead of going through the process of changing the visibility of the selected layers. Doesn’t need a timer, too (which would be a weird way of doing things from a UX perspective anyway).

From the top of my head, I think that could be done relatively easy as a python plug-in.

So are you planning to select the invisible layers? If all you are doing is selecting the visible layers, then all you really need is to select the layers, duplicate layers, then merge down. And you get merged layer from selected.

If you wanted it in one action you can use Tenscripts and this:


TY! That’s so useful