We need a mascot for a new KDE project


I’m Paul Brown and I work with the KDE Promo team.

During Season of KDE, one of contributors developed a cool app that helps us manage better our social media posts. We want to share it with the rest of the world and for that we gave it a name: Kockatoo.

Naturally we would like to have a mascot and an icon to match. Our mascot will be called Karmen, and will be a cheeky, outspoken cockatoo. We liked very much the work carried out for Kirogi and imagine something similar working for Kockatoo.

Would you like to design it? Your contributions will be highlighted in the “About” section of the app and you will earn our undying gratitude!





Hello, can we submit just an icon or you need both logo and mascot?

i’ve done this :wink:

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too fast :open_mouth:

I didn’t had the time to start anything on my side :sweat_smile:


Very nice! Thank you, @mako.

Still open to suggestions. We would like to see something that addresses the cheeky, slightly loud side of Karmen the Kockatoo.

I am sure nobody will take it badly if we look at several options, right? Please submit yours!

sounds great!
In the future, will it support artists to publish pictures on artstation, pixiv and devianart at the same time?

Kockatoo is being built to support plugins. For each social media platform, there is a plugin. So far we have plugins for Mastodon, Twitter and Reddit (because they were the easiest :wink:). Kockatoo already supports posting media (images, sound and video) to Twitter and Mastodon (Reddit kinda supports media, but not everywhere and we’re still figuring it out).

The open nature of Kockatoo means that the only impediment to support the platforms you mention will be on the platforms’ side. If a platform has a well-documented and maintained API, then it will be easy to develop a plugin for it.

But, if a platform has no API or an obfuscated one, developing a plugin to post to it will be harder. This is the reason we still do not support Facebook: they make it deliberately hard for third parties to develop clients for their platform.

All supported platforms can be posted to (or scheduled for) simultaneously and the Koackatoo’s backend will do the work of figuring out how to post where and when.

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Ah ok :blush:

I’ll try to submit one proposition next week, I’m slow at drawing :sweat_smile:
I hope you’re not hurry


We are aiming to have this sorted by Akademy, so we can introduce the KDE community to the mascot and icon. Akademy starts on the 18th, so, to be on the safe side, I would say we will decide a week before then.

A friend of mine made this proposition

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Sorry this has nothing to do with icons and mascots, but perhaps it can help in another way?
Maybe you could find ideas for Kockatoo plugins at Ferdi. A multiprotocol messenger under Apache license.

Thank you! This is indeed a valuable resource. We’ll look into it.

That is a very interesting design. Not exactly what we had in mind, but it makes us reconsider our initial ideas. We can also see it becoming useful elsewhere.

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All the designs up to this moment have been great. However, in KDE we have this… “tradition”, I guess you’d call it, of having for some apps cute, cartoony like characters: Krita has Kiki, Kirogi has its goose, there’s Konqi and Katie, etc,

Someone from outside this forum sent this:


It’s kinda getting there stylistically, but doesn’t look too polished and is missing the cartoon character vibe.

Does this help clarify what we are looking for?

I guess I could try then

Hi @Bro666

Here my participation



Tried the cartoonish style, maybe too much :sweat_smile:
It looks like a little bit my Buli OC… :thinking:


  • Quickly made with Krita, there’s some small things that should be improved (especially the head, there’s currently small angular changes in head curves…)
  • It might be better to draw them in Inkscape to have a full vectorized files
  • Possible to change colors :slight_smile:





You folks are talented! This is becoming very hard.

@Bro666 Fortunately I do not have to decide regarding your future mascot, but if I had to make a decision, I would take Grum999’s! :slight_smile: Have you already asked opinions about them from your community?
They are just great, cool, cute, funny!
@Grum999 There you have really done a good job!

… I should post my messages after I’ve written them… but I’ve fallen asleep tonight while writing…
…and now @EyeOdin has also presented a great bird…
ouch! ouch! ouch!
Bro666 is right, you guys make it hard to make a decision!


I agree. It is a pity we don’t have a bunch of programs with tropical bird names that need icons. That said, I am also inclining towards @Grum999 because it is hilarious.

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