Weird problem with pen rotation

Pen rotation (barrel roll) is not working as it should, dont know since which version. I made a video about this to clarify:

It basically only works for half the rotation cycle and then picks up again after 180° of interruption.

Any tips?

Do you think it might be this bug? or this:

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Looks like @tiar bug reference is right. Sadly I don’t have rotation artpen so I can’t help.
How much devices or users are using this feature? :thinking:Is a good one for more variety in the brushtroke.
Is intuos 4 s tablet (old device, I know) able to use that? I activate my investigation mode.

There was someone on IRC recently, hoping to get those bugs into our attention. We were supposed to be talking about them on last meeting, but it didn’t happen, so maybe this Monday (14 CET on IRC).

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To me it is the single most important feature available. As a charcoal artist, i’m used to draw with my stick flat on the paper.

And indeed it seems to be the same bug

I use tilt to get different angles based in The hand position. Is not the same but gives you a good control for example to make brushstrokes like Nathan fowkes does in charcoal. I would like to test the rotation feature. I take note.

Not helpful for the problem, but you committed the cardinal sin of filming vertically. :clown_face:


I have the same issue, rotation doesn’t work. I would like to use it.

You mean it doesn’t work at all? What’s your hardware?

I have a Wacom Cintiq 16" and a Wacom Intuos Pro M, Mac and PC.

Ups, I now checked and it seems rotation is not supported for Pro Pen 2! So Ignore me.

Is here anyone who can build Krita on their own? I could try to fix it if I have some time, but I would prefer to not put patches even on master without someone testing it first…

i haven’t tried to compile it before and last time i dabbled in using qt was about 20 years ago but i might be of help. i also own an intuos 4 supporting tilt and rotation. i’m on windows 10 only though.

It got fixed!

I have the same problem, in which version is it supposed to be fixed? @Andro
Edit: I installed the “Krita Next” version and answered my own question :smiley:

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in krita 4.4 the problem has resurrected :upside_down_face:

Yep, I am having same issue also in 4.3, art pen barrel rotation works just 0-180

Looking forward to this getting fixed!

Hi, I think I have a fix. In the brush editor settings for the rotation sensor, turn off the option to use the same curve for all options.

Thanks, hulmanen! I was able to get my brush to work with this. Now I can finally use the new art pen I bought for Krita!