What music do you listen to when you're drawing?

Psychedelic Hi-Tech Trance :mushroom:

I wish I could find these as (studio-) tracks somewhere, but maybe these fit your taste of instrumentals (just ignore the hilarious outfits :stuck_out_tongue: ):

That’s basically Tomozo and Kanami showing off their guitar skills.

Thanks; both are excellent. If you have or can make a sharable playlist of similar music, I’d gladly sift through it all. Likewise I can make playlists at request for anyone that wants rock and you can name most genres except super heavy metal, punk rock, and indie sub-genres that I have little of.

I have a total of 3212 songs and while lyrical is mostly rock, instrumentals also include classical instruments, piano / jazz, electronic and mixtures of it all.

I usually listen to anime soundtracks or just JPop in general, sometimes lofi music if I’m in le mood.

I like listening to Milli while I draw, her music has a melancholic touch, it really is very beautiful to hear.

Whatever strikes my fancy in the moment, lol. I listen to a wide variety of music, so what music I play tends to change from day to day.

You’re welcome :slight_smile:
But I don’t really have any playlists to share, I’m rather oldschool and want my music offline as much as possible. On youtube I never log in, I just click on some random mix for one of the videos it remembers from last time and that mostly ends up picking songs of the official channels, non-official videos tend disappear after a while.

Oh but I just remember another instrumental
I don’t have a clue who “Ediee Ironbunny” really is, all you get to know about him is the guitars he plays.
I really like the vocal songs too.

Some other bands I like that I didn’t mention yet:
TRiDENT, formerly Girls Rock Band Kakumei
NINGEN ISU (most videos seem provided by TOKUMAJAPAN

Decent instrumental. The other bands I’d skip for not being in English; only exception is Lillium from Elfen Lied (it was grandfathered in). Even Du Hast didn’t stay.

I’m rather oldschool and want my music offline as much as possible.

Same. No subscription fee, offline accessible, portable, any arbitrary audio, any music player. A must for small youtube artists or song edits.

Just for fun, here’s my music list from half a year ago when I last ran my little generator program. The generator effs up unicode, instrumentals were supposed to be distinguished but aren’t, and there is some corruption in the band-song classification, but overall it’s pretty complete. Generator could use an update.