What music do you listen to when you're drawing?

I mostly listen to Undertale music, a little bit of rock sometimes. What about you guys?

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I usually listen to any music maches the mood of the painting I’m working with. :stuck_out_tongue: It helps to keep me in the ‘zone’.

Lofi Hip Hop or a playlist I listen to while programming.
Sometimes some random video game music on YouTube.

The music I happen to be listening to at any particular time is likely going to be the music I’ll be listening to when using Krita. I don’t have specific music choices just for drawing.

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i try to find music that matches my mood - otherwise i’m constantly changing the song - i looked through my youtube history for December - and it’s weird

Leo Moracchioli
White Buffalo
The Dead South
Brass Against the Machine
Chris Cornell
Larkin Poe
Alice In Chains
Stone Temple Pilots
The Pretty Reckless
Gov’t Mule
Shawn James
Ben Caplan
Jeremy Soule
Rhiannon Giddens
Maitre Gims
Three Days Grace
Linkin Park
The HU
Five Finger Death Punch
Random covers or instrumentals from video games or movies (skyrim, Miyazaki, etc. - Malukah, Grissini Project)
Stoned Jesus
The Sound of Animals Fighting


Well, I usually listen to different sorts of music. Mostly I just click on an auto-generated playlist on YouTube. If I sorted them in different categories, it would be:

  • Sonic music
  • Sakura Wars music
  • NateWantsToBattle music
  • some Persona 5/Persona 5 Royal songs
  • some Bayonetta songs
  • some Hamilton songs (as in the musical “Hamilton”)
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Oh, I love Hamilton! What’s your favorite song from it?

I have more than one because I can’t decide…

  • My Shot
  • Yorktown (World Turned Upside Down)
  • The Room Where It Happens
  • It’s Quiet Uptown

I listen to all the same kinds of music that I love! Recently I got into post-rock, and while I love music with lyrics, I think post rock and instrumental is less distracting than music with lyrics. So it is easier to just loose yourself in the drawing rather than the song.

That said, I still listen to a lot of music with lyrics, some of my artworks are inspired by different songs and I’ll listen to those songs while I work.

Their are too many bands that I like, but probably my favorite band right now is “Starset”.

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About a year ago I decided to finally check out some japanese rock/metal music and by some strange coincidence a lot of music videos that were apparently region-locked to Japan became available on youtube, and I was not disappointed by what I found.

My current favourite (although unfortunately on indefinite hiatus) is Ganglion.

But there’s a lot of talented all-female bands in Japan that give me a good mood, like Exist Trace, Band-Maid, Dollsboxx (certainly not everyone’s taste but possibly the most talent I’ve seen in a single lineup yet, although it’s more of a side-project of Gacharic Spin) just to name a few.

And lots more bands giving Metal music their very own twist, like Babymetal or if you like it even weirder, Ladybaby (though I heard they’re going on hiatus too :frowning: ).

But also some great bands are not new at all popped up, like Ningen Isu.

If only getting that stuff on CD wasn’t nigh impossible in Europe unless you pay outrageous prices…

I have a lot of music, and I’ll listen to just about any genre, but my favorite to listen to when working on my art is instrumental. I like it because words don’t distract my thinking and the sound alone helps me to imagine different characters and scenes. I’d actually like to do some art in the future based on what I see when I listen to certain songs. :slight_smile:

Right now I adore Marcus Warner’s music, with “Oceans” being my favorite album and “Liberation” my second favorite.


I love to listen to something from myNoise when working! :smiley:

It has a wide selection of ambient soundscapes (nature, rooms, music, etc.) that loops seamlessly, gives you full control over said soundscapes (volume sliders galore), and is available online for free!

Godsmack :slight_smile:

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Rock and Edm music, they kick start my imagination.

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I love the “TRAPPIN IN J A P A N” mixes by Ryan Celsius, so lately I’ve been using that for work :smiley: