What the word 'goes (gon)' means?

As translating to Vietnamese the Krita’s UI, I stumbled across this one line of text

#: libs/widgetutils/kis_spin_box_unit_manager.cpp:231
#, kde-format
msgid "gons (gon)"
msgstr "số cạnh (cạnh)"

Searched the code and it’s found in the file


in the following block:

    case ANGLE:

        if (withName) {
            list << i18n("degrees (°)") << i18n("radians (rad)") << i18n("gons (gon)") << i18n("percent of circle (%)");
        } else {
            list << "°" << "rad" << "gon" << "%";

It appears that if ‘withName’ is not NULL or not Empty, then list will hold:

degrees (º)
radians (rad)
gons (gon)
percent of circle (%)

What does the ‘gons (gon)’ here mean? Is this referring to the number of edges, as in ‘hexagon’ ?

It is to specify a kind of angle. This is used almost exclusively in engineering surveying, for example.



Thank you so much for the link. Best regards.

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