What tool for 'blood writing'?

I wanna write some text and give it a blood writing aspect. What tools could do this?

I’d say it depends on how much text you have and what your goal is.

In the case that you don’t want to design your own font: There are lots of typography pages on the internet where you can find and download all sorts of blood fonts. You could use them and modify to your needs.

Now I want to know how to create my own font using Krita if that is possible of course in the program

Since Krita is a painting and not a typography or a pure vector application (though having some limited vector capabilities) I guess its main purpose is intended to be used for painting.

Because you can paint with it, you can simpley “emulate” font with it by painting the font/text. Same approach one follows, when a portrait is created by using a source as a visual reference and “emulate” it with Krita by painting it. This would be the artists approach.

If your intention is to create your own font from scratch with the goal to have a font set you can install on your system and use it in any text editor afterwards we are taking about typography/font creation.

If that’s the case the following links might be helpful:


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You can try Font-Forge - FontForge Open Source Font Editor

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Thank you so much (:heart:´艸`:heart:) God bless you!

Thank you, really appreciate (。・∀・)ノ゙