What's your inking pen preference?

Inking is one part i struggle the most going to digital.

Its just the smooth type pen was not really my liking - lately i have come to enjoy inking by discovering that I like pens that has spills, variation or rougher edges. Advantages are that stop me from thinking that my lines are not perfect, because the lines made are not perfect on purpose. Also it tends to make me feel the line have character to it / they also makes me feel like i have my maru pen on a vellum board.

So that’s my inking pen preference - an inking pen with mild scatter or rougher edges.

What’s yours if you use one? - and is there a reason for the preferences or style you are going? I saw someone who like kirby pen and that piqued my interest.

I’m curious to know.


Are you asking about digital brushes or real ink pens? :thinking:

I have a bit of experience using real ink in recent years - but only experimental sketching.

I carry Faber Castell pitt pens for convenience and precision - they’re good for doing linework.

For more expressive sketching I have a dip pen with changeable nibs and also use my watercolour brushes.

I haven’t done much in the way of digital ink-style work, but there’s a lot of great ink artists who I find inspiring. I think there’s some parallel at least in the kind of rhythmic and intricate style I’ve evolved for my illustration work.

I guess I’d favour more organic looking digital brushes rather than tight uniform lines.

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I’m talking about digittal brush. :sweat_smile:

speaking of traditional ones, I love my Maru pens on pilot ink. Unipins 3 to 8mm are my multiliner of choice.
I have my watercolor brushes with barrel - and i had never get them to work properly.

watercolor brushes the traditional round one are fantastic with the line variation it can pull off, size 4 to 8 are what I have, but i have not dip them in ink yet. only on mix black paint. :blush:

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You’ve got four short strokes at the top, I like the first two strokes. The other two are a bit weird, like a string of sausages. :slight_smile:

But I also think that the look of the stroke matters more to the artist than the viewer, who gets to see the finished piece all at once and can appreciate how the strokes are used rather than how they are rendered by the brush engine.

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The first one has lately become an undersketch pen because its like a cross between a pencil and an ink. The 2nd one is my current inking pen and the 3rd /4th is the one i recently made. Im probably switching to the sausage pen :joy: . As a line they do look like sausage, I tweak the distance graph to lessen this. They do look fantastic when use - in my eyes also the feel. [7 to 10px is the sweet spot size]

I’m still trying to get the ink feel where they don’t look sterile after removing the undersketch.

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In regards to inking traditionally, I prefer using my Micron Pens and/or a ballpoint pen. I have just recently started using a dip pen, but I prefer to use it for more organic subjects or for random doodles. Sharpies and Sharpie Pens are somewhat ok to use.

In digital, I prefer a similar brush to my Micron pens, but I do occasionally use a dip-pen-type brush.


I have presets for both rough and smooth digital inking pens.
With the rough ones trying to mimic realistic inking in real life.
Here are my settings :

Fig A : Brush tip settings

Fig B : Modifier(rotation)

Also, you’ll notice sharpness modifier is on as well.
These settings participate to the roughness of the pen strokes you’re referring to.


I have not tried sharpness curve. I will check it out this weekend.

Nice lines on the left one. That thick seemingly consistent but still has width variation is quite the charm of microns. I love microns for doodles.

On my end only brush pens are the one i have not gotten into yet - i just dont have the hand to make a good line with them.

whats the brush setting for the right* one. its a ballpoint style right?

Edit: my barely awake self wrote left but i was referring to the blue one.

No, actually. The one on the left is more of a dip-pen digital brush. I use ballpoint for sketching and lineart for small doodles. I love the nice texture the ballpoint pen gives.

Edit: The one on the right uses a pencil brush… I like drawing clean sketches!

I mean the right one the blue.

OMG i should get my coffee , before replying. I’ll edit my comment to reflect which one I was referring. :sweat_smile:

Mine is very pencil-like minus the opacity/flow control. i like the grainy texture, especially when using small sizes.
Very similar-ish to @novames00’s


Rough inking do have charm of its own. I like them more than really smooth one.


Interesting topic!

My preference is for black pencil-like that has a texture, opacity and width variation ( I share the preset here ).


I really like that brush/ pencil - though I mostly end up using it as tight pencil before. Its one of the first brushes i have used in krita - and the dirty blocker. :thinking: that was years ago when i first opened this app.

I like your ink style, soft but refined. :blush:

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