When the angle of brush tip is linked with actual holding angle, the rotation of canvas cuase the mismatch

It is hard to describe the problem in texts, so i will just throw some screen shots here to help me illustrate the problem.

So, when i am holding the pen like:

(Angle 1)

The angle of the brush tip reflect the angle:

Here is the problem, lets say i am still using Angle 1.
If i rotate the canvas, the angle seems to consider the rotation of canvas:

But if i put my pen down and start painting, the angle ignore the rotation of canvas:

I think this is a undesired behavior.
Is there known fixed for this?
If not, i think i might be able to help with the code.

The brush I am using is WaterC Flat Decay Tilt.
Krita 5.06

Yeah… that looks like a bug. It seems to occure with the “Airbrush” option activated - random dabs simply ignore* the canvas rotation. I can replicate it with a very simple brush even without tilt, i.e. with a fixed angle.

*) or better: take into account - which isn’t desired.

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Turn off airbrush, instant fix.
But airbrush option is kinda essential for these water-ish brushes > <.
I hope this bug get noticed.

I can confirm on Linux. I made a short video that capture the bug. The video of 40s is in three parts:

  • 00s, step 1, brush selection
  • 08s, step 2 the OK effect with canvas non rotated
  • 20s step 3 the bug: buggy strokes after canvas rotation.


Well, now you have the honor to write a bug report, because without the developers knowing about it, nobody will care about it anytime soon…

You can open a bug report on https://bugs.kde.org/ - in case you would like to see it fixed. :wink: This is an interesting experience if you haven’t done it yet. You have to open an account there first, you need a valid mail address, preferably one that can be seen by the public, because that’s what it will be.
Furthermore, it is expected that you describe the error, how it occurs or could be “provoked”, what you would expect as normal behavior, and how you imagine it to be fixed. A detailed list of what is expected from a bug report can be found here: ⚓ T7492 How To Report a Bug also here is an explanation: 2. User Guide — Bugzilla 5.0.4+ documentation



Ticket has been created.