Which types of drawings or genres should I focus on?

I am a drawing beginner with same experience (drawing with pencil on paper as well digital on krita). But now I am not sure in which direction I should learn or what types of drawings are existing. I do not mean “find your own art”. I mean there are existing different genres. e.g. comics, manga, urban sketching, landscape, portraits, architecture, etc.
I start with drawing because of sketching some ideas for different projects (more technical drawings to explain some technical correlations, e.g. electric current distribution in a house). I see angles (triangulation) very easy and I like black and white drawings (like pencil, charcoal).
Do you have some ideas of genres I can focus on or some sites?
many thanks

Well, this is probably not the answer you are hoping for but the easy answer is, just do what is most fun for you. I think that it was most of us self taught artist got started. When I was a beginner I was a lot into Manga and Anime so of course I tried to recreate the works and style of many of my favorite Artists. I bought books about how to draw in that particular style and what it’s important. Later I tried other tings like realistic drawings (which were not fun so I stopped) and comics of course. I tried painting with acrylic and oil paints but mostly stuck to markers. After a few Years I tired digital art because I was also learning informatics this themed like a logical step.

I have to admit, at the time I was one of these “digital art is easier than traditional art” kinda guys, fed by the lies of art teachers who saw computers as a form of witchcraft or cheating, and boy was I wrong. I had some photo editing experience but I quickly learned that digital drawing is much different (and much harder in some aspects) from traditional or photoshopping. The transition from traditional to digital was not easy a long time I used both (sketching and lining traditionally and coloring digitally). At some time switched completely because it was more fun (and convenient because I lived in a small place with not much room for art supplies). At some point I tried digital painting instead of drawing and that’s what I do now mostly because it’s what I like most and is most fun.

So I’m a digital painter now, never would I have thought. But that doesn’t stop me from doing a comic sometimes or get out the good ol ink and brush from the drawer. So you see there’s no straight answer other then do what motivates you most and is most fun for your right now. :3

Since you mentioned technical black and white drawings is what you already do most, you maybe find architecture drawings fun. They are quite demanding, will make you learn perspective and maybe at some point you want to fill in some color or characters and then you will go on from there.

you have to draw something that you like to draw, otherwise it will become a chore.

subjects like buildings, robots/mechs, cars, etc. rely heavily on angles and lines - but a lot of that can also be applied to people.

have you checked out artists yet to see what you like? here are a couple that come to mind that have a more angular approach to their drawings:

Thanks for your answers.

@Takiro and @kynlo : Before corona I visit weekly a hobby course called exact drawing where I learned some basics with pencil and paper. Every week my teacher has another motive (e.g. parfume bottle, hair drayer, etc. the classical stuff). I like this type of learning where you get lessons to learn and feedback from teacher and colleges. Colleges gives me the feedback I am good in sketching. At home and on hollidays I draw each object I could found. But than I run out of ideas and also lockdown come and course was stopped so I am a little bit lost how to continue. On youtube I found proko, sycra, livelongdrawing, and so on. So I get into figure/gesture drawing.But perphase figure drawing is to hard for beginner?
In summer after lock down I tried out urban sketching. Buildings and organic stuff works okay, but I strugle with peoples sitting on a bank etc.

So at the moment I am in a finding process what I could draw, which genre I could take.
I know I like pencil drawings (I like shadowing), I am good with angles, it seems I am good in sketching objects, but not good in sketching people. As I draw urban sketching I get into a flow after 2h. Good urban sketchers are finished in 35 minutes (I have Tech Yi Chie in my You Tube list), I need some hours. But time is no problem for me, it is a hobby and I like to get in the flow. Perhaps I am not a typical artist who knows what he likes :slight_smile: (OK i like more sketchy style over (hyper) realistic styles). I like drawing because you can take your time and mistakes are not a problem like on a music instrument, because for drawing you have an eraser or ctrl+z

I hoped to find some videos about drawing genres, but I get only drawing styles.

Hope my problem is more clear :slight_smile:

If you are looking for random motives to draw or for practice I can recommend https://line-of-action.com/ and this topic https://krita-artists.org/t/virtual-plein-air-with-krita

The art world has a lot to offer, it’s hard to make a recommendation. Only you can know what you like. The things you mentioned are not really genres though. More different styles or techniques. Genres would be more like Fantasy (which is what I mostly do), Steam Punk, Science Fiction or something. Either try a lot until you find something you like, maybe you like doing pointillism or surrealism or maybe you like expressionist fantasy paintings. Only you can find out :3. Most people like drawing things they also enjoy outside of art, like little kittens or cars or anything.

@Takiro Thanks for the links. I didn’t know yet :slight_smile:

Perphaps I am using the wrong word.
I have the word genre from the german wikipedia website:

The first sentence translated to english is:
Along with architecture, sculpture, graphics and drawing, painting is one of the classical genres of the fine arts.

So what I mean is, what are the sub genres of drawing. It seems in english language it is more of types of drawing like this websites?

So sketching the explanation of a electric distribution from generator to house and inside the house is more of type illustration. So my questions should be: Which types of drawings are existing to get an overview and find some artists in this direction. Are this all types, or are there existing other types.


I have a better understanding of what you are asking for, but i don’t feel i can give you an answer. The subjects, styles, and mediums of drawing and painting are extremely varied and while some people come up with categories based on one or more of those attributes, the categories are subjective. That page lists a few extremely broad categories, if we start exploring sub-categories there could be thousands. Take for example portraits - that can include portraits of any living thing, or just people, or just cats, or just fish - the possibilities are endless :slight_smile:

Perhaps some who has some art history education can provide you with better guidance.