Wings of Hubris - Magic the Gathering

Wings of Hubris illustration for Magic the Gathering: Theros Beyond Death.

Krita saved my bacon! Normally I work in Photoshop but my Windows machine was down, so I fired up the old Ubuntu box, discovered Krita and was able to knock this illustration out. So a huge thumbs up to Krita for helping me not blow a deadline!


Holy heck, that’s epic!

What’s it like to work for Magic the Gathering?


It’s pretty great being involved with something that has such a huge player base. Wizards has been awesome to work with so far.


Krita artwork in Magic the Gathering. This is amazing.


Amazing work! I used Photoshop before switching. Great program, there are still some features and things from Photoshop I miss in Krita. But I didn’t expect to switch over to Krita at first. I found Krita really impressive, and every time I used it I found myself loving it more and more! Now it’s my preferred program :star_struck:
Blows my mind that an open source project made by a small team can be just as good, and in my opinion some cases even better, than something as big as Photoshop! :smile:

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Stunning artwork!

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Looks great!
Welcome to the club :smiley:

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There were some things that made it rough at first to transition to Krita. Photoshop’s “find and replace color” is essential for my process when building color studies. Krita’s version of this tool is a lot more rigid and doesn’t feather the color being replaced. Some simple tools like zoom and the canvas rotation tool are more effective in Photoshop. My workflow was impacted by Krita’s implementation of these…

I can code so I may try to contribute to expand on these tools. I could ditch Photoshop completely if they were beefed up a bit. Krita is soo close!

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Nice work and sweet composition in this.

I switched from Photoshop to Krita around 6 years ago and to be honest the transition was fairly straight forward. I found it easier to find new workflows and adapt some of the old Photoshop ones I had to how Krita works. It wasn’t long before Krita became my go to for digital illustration.

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If you decide to improve those features that would be amazing! I think a lot of people would have loved that! :grin: I know I would’ve! :smile:

Yeah, it’s soo close! :grin: I like to imagine that after some polish, and some tweaks, Krita might end up as "the next Blender” of drawing applications: After the last few things that hold it back is fixed/improved I see Krita exponentially ramping up, getting even higher levels of support and donations. I don’t know what the future holds, but I have a great feeling that Krita’s future is bright!