Winter Plein Air

Winter is here! On their drawing adventure, Leon and Kiki decided to dedicate their day to plein air painting. They walk through the streets, buy some coffee and head to the park. Stopping by a bench, Leon can’t wait and is sketching the park covered in snow already, while Kiki prefers to warm up with a sip of coffee first.

So I did this drawing with Krita’s default brushes. I kept the color palette very limited to cold colors in order to match the snow-covered environment. This isn’t inspired by any work in particular, but rather on the colors of winter itself (doesn’t help that there’s no snow in my country!).

At last, I’d wish to thank the organizers for such a contest! Good luck for everyone participating!


I love how simple it is. It really draws your focus to the characters. Beautiful.

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I really liked this entry in the contest.

It has a kind of softness in it, the characters are not really forced just because there was a rule in competition and have some story going on in it. Nice composition as well. Also, despite being simple it looks like it is done meticulously. Well done


Thank you! I like to keep things simple so I’m always drawing with intent, and as you both noted, it also keeps the piece focused on the main subject! And yes, I really dig placing characters in a scene in a believable way - I often find my favorite artists nailing this aspect, regardless of the complexity of the scene. This contest was a good excuse for me to practice this aspect!

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I like so much this colors and light! Very good job!

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Thank you! :smiley:

Nicely done


how do I paint


You can start to take a look in forum where other users already asked the same question :slight_smile:
Here a topic you can read:


Did you take time to read information provided in this topic? :thinking:


@CAMCAM I’m going to remove your comments; if you continue to disrupt the forum, we’ll ban you. If you don’t know how to behave yet, just look around, see how other people are talking and behaving on the forum.

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so sweet :heart_eyes:

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it’s so incredible :heart_eyes:

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Thank you! :smiley: