Wojtryb extension - 4 additional keyboard actions

I finally managed to publish my first python scripts for krita. I’ve been using them for a while now and find them to be quite useful.

Version 1.0 Download link

The extension consists of four actions that can be assigned to keyboard shortcuts:

1.Switch blending mode
One simple action that allows you to switch between mostly used brush blending modes.
If your most used brush blending modes are: normal, overlay, color
repetitively applying the action switches them like:
normal, overlay, color, normal, overlay…
It also allows you to go back from any other mode to normal one in just one click

2.Switch opacity
The same action, but for changing brush opacity instead of blending modes.

3.Set reference image
While doing a direct photostudy with a reference image opened in different krita document, it allows you to automatically set it to the same size, rotation and mirror value as your canvas. Helps keeping the proportions right when zoomed in.

4.Switch selection mask
No need to click the button to use local selection mask. This action switches between all the selection masks under current layer.

I also wrote a more detailed description of those actions, installation guide, and some troubleshooting guide if the things go wrong :slight_smile:
I hope it will work, and some of you will find it useful.

Any feedback from testing and usage are welcome.

Cheers :slight_smile:


Downloaded it. I’ll check it out when I’m free. Want to especially check out number 3 :+1:t5:.

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I mostly use 50% - for blending - or 100% - for normal painting :wink:
i’ll need to try it :slight_smile:

@artrecluse good luck :slight_smile: let me know if it was ok, or you had to do those extra steps that I described in the manual.

@tiar it’s funny how 100% and 50% are exactly the two values I use, and default ones in the script. It switches between them and goes back to 100% if you changed it any other way, so I’m sure you’ll find it useful :wink:

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