Workspace on smartphone

Hi guys!

I want to share the way I managed to organize my desktop on the smartphone.

Like this I am able to use the Incredible kitrra so you can work on a small smartphone screen!

I want to thank the guys who gave me attention in responding to my other post

I’m new to the forum, and they gave me a lot of support.

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Would be best if you included the way to get Krita here, so it could go to Tutorials section :slight_smile:

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Which phone do you have and how did you get it on your phone?

I have an iPhone 12, and I am worried that it won’t be compatible with it. Plus, if it is, I would love to do some of my projects on the go, since my workplace does not allow me room or time for both my art tablet and laptop.

Thank you,

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I wanted to give it a go after seeing your workspace :slight_smile:

Woops! Here’s the correct link to the apk:

It’s best to download from Krita or KDE website. All the apk for Krita 4.4.3. are here: KDE - Experience Freedom!

The toolbars were difficult to configure since there was no kinetic scrolling.

I haven’t checked if iPhones accept apk.


Mine is a Samsung. Kitra apple I think it only has …for desktop

It’s best to download from Krita or KDE website. All the apk for Krita 4.4.3. are here: KDE - Experience Freedom!

I don’t think iPhones accept apk. There might be iPhone builds for Krita but as it is now, Krita cannot go to Apple Store, so even making iPhones/iPads builds are low priority.


smartphone guys, to make it easier to use the kitra on a small screen, just map the buttons, volume or any other, using the keyboard shortcut keys.

I used the app “Key mappeer Gui”, plus the application “Key mappeer keyboard Gui”.

That way we can use Krita with only the visible drawing area, hiding the attached windows and the toolbar.

The ideal is a shortcut button for the TAB key (Full screen, hide attached windows), and the remaining buttons to use for the Key (undo )shortcuts and toolbox.

But each one can do it the way they prefer.

I hope this tip helps people who can only have a smartphone like me, and others who want to be able to try the kitra for Android smartphone or tablet.


Glad that you posted screenshots of Krita on your smart phone. Hopefully, that will give the Krita for Android developer some ideas for a layout on small screens.

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I really hope that this Krita project on Android will have some attention and not be left out.

The cost benefit of having a smartphone allows you to enjoy an experience that comes close to a computer .

In my current financial reality, I am not able to purchase a computer. But I am able to have the experience of doing digital painting.

It’s been amazing to be able to paint with Krita on the smartphone.

I’ve been exploring the kitra for almost a week, tweaking the settings, adjusting the work area, and yesterday I started making some doodles, I am enjoying the experience.

If it is possible to program by smartphone, I would like to learn to be able to collaborate with the development, but I do not know it is possible and if it is, I do not know where to start. But if someone wants to show me the direction, a tutorial,I’ll be happy :relaxed:


Question: how do the menu items look (such as the brush editor or the Create New File dialogs)?

With smaller dpi, the brush editor and new file options are difficult to work with. The crucial buttons to confirm changes are hidden.

On the third screenshot, full view is enabled. You can do this by pressing on three dots in the white krita top bar then pressing ‘view’ to see more options.

To exit to any window/dialog/fullscreen, pressing the back button works.

My recommendation would be to spend time making brushes in bulk with higher dpi (550 up to 600 something for me) then go back to your preferred dpi afterwards.

For creating new documents, I make a document I can click on start up then crop (if needed) and press the the three dots on the white bar to ‘save as’ a new document.

Tricky to work with but once you know the usual bugs and workarounds it ain’t so bad :wink:

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Almost the same problems with parts having been hidden on the tablet. I have to either rotate the tablet to see what I need or enable the hidpi setting in Krita’s settings, then restart Krita.

here I managed to get around these problems, I will try to send a video that shows how organized and easy be to work on the smartphone screen.

krita workspace running well on Android smartphone

That’s awesome, thanks.
(As I said before) I hope the developer sees this.

Pretty cool! Maybe we can use this as a default for some screen sizes :slight_smile:

Btw, can you please share your system info (Help → Show system information for bug reports) with me? The erratic font seems pretty concerning…


Of course I can!

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