Would Alpha Threshold be useful?

Hi artists of Krita-Artists,

I have to wonder if a new filter called ‘Alpha Threshold’ would be useful. The only purpose for this filter is to enable aliasing on vector layers though it only would work in certain scenario.

This thread makes me think of it - Disabling antialias on vector objects?

Instead of using curves to do the job, this’ll reduce the number of clicks and also faster as you’re using sliders.

Better yet would be a property in vector layer to disable anti-aliasing, however that’s out of my league, so I won’t touch that.


I’m doing some multi-layer vector construction at the moment and I’d like to be able to turn off anti-aliasing for all vector layers.

I think it would be faster to add that as an option in the current threshold filter. At the moment it converts to grayscale and thesholds that, but it would be more complete if it allowed to threshold the channels independently and also the alpha channel.