XP-PEN Innovator 16 Input Delay

I just bought Innovator 16 display pen tablet and i discovered huge delay/rubberbanding of cursor even on desktop.
I never use any kind of stabilizers so this renders tablet basically unusable for me.
Anyone had similar experience?
Video of delay:

I tried out a Huion screen tablet and saw pretty much the same thing. I think many of them do this especially with fast movement. Judging from videos I had seen it didn’t look that noticeable, however in practice it is. I chose to stick with a non-screen tablet instead of adapting to the delay.

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I found some other videos that proove other screen tablets suffer the same issue (timestamp).
It feels terrible to draw. No doubt i could get use to it as you can even get use to living on the street xD
Yea im also going back to my 8 yo Intuos pro.

Screentablets are overhyped by almost everyone on youtube.


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