Yesterday was Qt's 25th birthday

through ups and downs, changing home too often, and despite politics you are still around after 25 (twenty- five!!!) years. without you there would be no krita. happy birthday.


this wouldnt be in the #develop category, this would be in #lounge, if i’m wrong please tell me why. i have a link to what the category is for here. for this reason i have moved it.
i also have a link to what the category #lounge is for here.

this is news related to the development of krita. if you are not aware what this is all about feel free to check the following links.

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Conversational stuff w/o actual dev talk could be considered on or off-topic because it’s not clarified. Qt is a dependency of Krita, but so are the fonts in Krita, for example. Totally interpretation-dependent, so then whether or not such topics should be moved becomes do-we-care dependent. Both currently an individual choice. For the record, I am indifferent to what category this is under.

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As a developer (not a Krita developer -a developer at the office and occasionally a plugin developer) I think the best place is in the #lounge because even if it’s Qt related, talking about Qt’s anniversary is more a casual informational thing than a technical development subject about features and improvement for which we need to discuss about…
But if it was an information about a new Qt version with new features that could be used for Krita, the #develop category would be the right place.

After, like @tapatilorenzo, I don’t really care where the topic is placed (as it’s not in artwork), information was here and interesting (thanks @CyMonk because I was not aware of this :upside_down_face:)

But in the doubt, let an admin to decide where is the best place and just keep cool and enjoy the day, there’s no reason to argue :wink:


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Lets hope 5 years from now we can still say good things about it. The current trajectory isn’t much favourable but we will see, :wink:

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thank you, i just wanted it to be easier to understand. :slightly_smiling_face:

@CyMonk, unfortunately, Qt cannot have a real cake from us but, they can have a digital one! :cake: