A Lady Enters

I couldn’t help myself tonight, had to do something in Krita, yesterday I’d spent about three hours googling old comic art on the internet and it inspired me to work on my faces more. Unfortunately I had to resort to P’shop for the 3 color tone separation, if there’s a way to do it in Krita I’d like to know.

I screen grabbed some WIP images if anyone might find it useful.


Is she the woman who wrote the letter?

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Sure, why not.

I have just discovered I can get a very similar dot tone effect using Gimp, it’s under filter/Distort/Newsprint. yeah, result is almost the same.
Then you have to play with some parameters. Perhaps I will post some sort of visual instructions.

Here’s an example of both dot tones.

Plus it was a simpler process, I didn’t have to separate the color channels, grey scale, dot tone, then recombine etc, it’s a single filter operation.

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