A series of elemental Dragons in different rainbow colors in no particular order

Hi, I found this here site a few weeks ago (I’ve been on Blenderartists for a while bid didn’t know Krita-artists was a thing) Anywhay, here’s my first post.

I’m making a series of elemental, or rather nature themed dragons In different rainbow colors (6 in total) here’s the ones I have so far:

I recorded the process and made time-lapses for all of them, here’s a playlist:

nr. 1 green, Jungle


nr.2 orange, desert


nr.3 blue, Icey ocean


Fishes swimming inside body of Icey ocean, that’s really good! :wink:



These are fantastic! :grin: I especially love the green one! The way you rendered it makes it really pop!
And welcome to the forum!

thanks =) yeh the green one was the first and the one I spent the most time with, it actually took longer than the other 2 combined, though that’s in part due to the motive being a bit more complex

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Awesome sauce.

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They are soooooooo green… soooo orange… Sooooooo blue! They look so good!

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thanks =) yeah I made the green one first and then realized he was turning out pretty much completely one color, which I rarely ever do, so I decided to make the series out of it

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These are really great!

I’m looking for something like that as my avatar on the internet for a long time. May I ask for your permission to use the green one?


Feel free, I don’t mind =)


Absolutely beautiful dragons! The colors and lighting are really something! Great work

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Beautiful dragon paintings. They are all stunning in their own “elements” but I love the creative way you made then. Very talented.

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nr.4, red, Lava


I like this so much such talent :heart:

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nr.5 yellow, savanna


Simplesmente magnífico!!!
Os tons usados em cada dragão ficaram ótimos!

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Very nice! I like the sense of shape and dimension. I think the green is my favorite, I can see the extra time you put into it, but the savanna warthog dragon is a very clever concept!

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@jDusk thanks, yee green does really show the extra effort cause it was originally a standalone artwork, for the others the focus shifted more towards experimenting with the designs rather than super refined artworke, it’s really fun tho

This is wonderful. It would be better if you made separate posts for each artwork in future so that we can feature them :slight_smile: