Abandoned places

I’ve always been fascinated by abandoned or dilapidated places, I don’t know why. On the internet I found many pictures of places like this. I’m posting some links because maybe someone will like it or be an inspiration…

• Lugares Perdidos - this Spanish site contains several images.

• Amazing Abandoned Places - this one isn’t exactly dedicated to urban exploration, but their gallery is cool.

• Abandoned Greenhouses- gallery containing images of an old 19th century greenhouse.

**• Abandoned Rosie’s Diner - ** a 1950s restaurant.


I love abandoned places. That diner is super!

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• Canfranc International Station •

It was built in 1928, very beautiful place. It’s not exactly abandoned, or rather not in the sense of “let go, uncared for”: the good appearance of the building, at least externally, shows that it has been maintained.

In this other blog, there are more images, especially from the interior…the season is different, in winter. The blog unfortunately does not allow you to save the photos, but if you use Firefox there is a trick: go to Tools/Page Information. Then click on the Media tab, the second one…the photos will be there, just select the ones you want and save them.