Add a hint about how to use Krita for new forum users

Amazingly often there are new users that don’t seem to understand or know that this here is just a website and that you can’t draw here like on a oekaki board, that Krita is an application you have to install. Could we maybe add a hint for new kirta-artists users telling them that this is not the actual app, where to download it and the beginners manual?

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Interesting idea.
There’s already a page for this, and maybe it can be improved… ?

But sincerely, I’m not sure this kind of new users will read it…


Maybe put a download button in a prominent position?

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An online, Krita based, communal painting space would be cool though! :upside_down_face:

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It needs to be more in the face, like an automated private message the first time you log in or a pop up when you make your first post.

Personally I like the first option because everyone just hates pop ups and ignores them out of habit.


That would be interesting.
Or when user is creating an account.

I don’t remember if i got anything to read when I created my account last year :thinking:

Also, a link to CoC in this message wouldn’t be too much… :sweat_smile:

But I don’t know if Discourse allows this, or if there’s some plugin allowing it.


After registration @Kikibot writes you and gives you the tour. I thought similary it could tell you that this is just a forum and how to get the actual app and start your first drawing.


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @kikibot display help.

There is Drawpile, open source online multiuser drawing app. It’s a bit weird but has a nice stabilization.

That’s right, I forgot Kikibot! :sweat_smile:


They actually copied our code :slight_smile:

This is a nice suggestion. I have now tweaked the message that Kikibot sends along with the tutorial for every new user. This test already had link to code of conduct etc. The text is below

Thanks for joining <username>, and welcome!

  • This is a forum for users of Krita, a professional digital painting software. You can download it from here.

  • I’m only a robot, but our friendly staff are also here to help if you need to reach a person.

  • For safety reasons, we temporarily limit what new users can do. You’ll gain new abilities (and badges) as we get to know you.

  • We believe in civilized community behavior at all times.


I wonder if we could incorporate Kikibot a bit more into the forum and make her help with repeating tasks. For example @AhabGreybeard does a good job on the support front but he always has to ask the same questions again and again, like system specs, OS, Krita versions and so on. I’m sure he already just has a text ready to copy paste but it’s still a lot of work and probably pretty anoying. I don’t know how advanced kikibot is and how much she can be configured. Currently she is pretty limited, except from giving the tutorial or rolling dice there doesn’t seem to be much she can do. Would it it be nice to be able to invoke kikibot to post these boilerplate texts for us? Like let kikibot post the questions on behalf of a user by invoking her with @kikibot ask specs let her handle the aksing for common details so we users can focus on answering the question. Just throwing in some Ideas here.


Yeah - What we really need is an AhabGreybeardbot! :thinking:

Or even better would be an AhabGreybeard digital assistant built into Krita… :mage:


Truth is, he’s usually the first to respond to any support question, at least it looks like it because whenever I want to answer he was already there :laughing:


It’s like the user manual became sentient! - He’s basically Kritanet; we’d better be careful or he’ll sent English terminators to force us into an orderly queue while we drink tea from a cup and saucer… :hushed:

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I’m truly sorry @Mythmaker. I deeply regret that you’ve stumbled upon the truth about me.
Please spend the next ten minutes doing whatever you enjoy while I prepare to deal with this regrettable situation.



Can I finish my tea first?.. :face_with_monocle:


Oh yes, of course.


I wont call my fries chips though!

But still, I think Kikibot could maybe help with some recurring tasks. Telling peopele how to upload an artwork on Krita is another frequent question kikibot could handle. We could open another thread for discussing how we can utilize her more or better, what do you think?