Additional settings for the Advanced Color Selector

It would be great if the rotation angle of the hue ring in the Advanced Color Selector could be adjusted so I can match it to the way it looks in Photoshop. That also goes for the tonality/saturation square in the middle - it works differently than in Photoshop. An option to match that would be great. Krita is an awesome program, but I will still have to switch to Photoshop a lot and if those color selectors would match, the transition would be much easier.

Not sure if I understand you correctly, but under Configure Krita > Colour selector, there are a bunch of different presets in terms of physical layout and there are options to configure for HSL, HSV, etc. You can click on the wheel to get these options available.

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I’ve seen those. The problem was that I was in HSL mode and there the Photoshop-like center square is not among the options. Little bug here. When you switch from HSV to HSL, the option in the preview doesn’t change and it can happen that the shown preview isn’t possible in the selected color model.

So the center square issue is solved. The hue ring rotation option would still be great to have.


Sorry i don’t quite get it? whats the difference between the middle square of HSL?
Can you show sample of it so the devs can know.

the only thing i see is the hue ring of krita , the top left corner points to orange, while PS is in the tail end of red.


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That square you posted isn’t an option, when HSL is selected. The available options are different between HSV (left) and HSL (right) - which probably makes sense.

The hue ring rotation is different between PS and Krita indeed. In Photoshop I use a color selector called Coolorus which has an option to rotate the hue ring. The same thing would be nice for the selector in Krita.

That makes it alot more clearer, i check and indeed i have HSV selected.

The color ring rotate seems nifty.

When devs passby they probably be able to give a better advice on if it is possible.

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Although @EyeOdin’s Pigment.O plugin “the Swiss Army Knife of colors” can now really damn much, I think exactly this it can not, but possibly you look at it once, because I’m not 100% sure if or if not, but beware it is an options monster and for my personal needs as a hobby artist overkill.


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Thanks for the link. I will give that plugin a try.

And I would not worry about an additional numerical option hidden away in the options dialog. It will not be visible during working anyway.

But as you can see PS has the yellow in the same spot as you set up your coolorus but the rest is all flipped around. My thought is that there is probably nothing more than beyond math simplicity to be like that in PS

Krita and Coolorus have the same orientation because they are made for artists and it is based on color theory and relative structure even though loose at that because of angle constraints as RGB != RYB.

Theory compared to Krita

As you can see the orientation Krita has is not by chance and is the most sensible one to have in RGB.
This is in line with theory when going RGB to RYB. They are very similar.

I would argue that not rotating would be better as it would respect color theory and muscle memory.
I know there are some other color rings in china and japan but they fall under the Munsell jurisdiction.

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There are probably different schools of thought according how the color wheel should look. If you google for color wheels, you find all sorts of version. Some resample the Photoshop version, some the Krita version and some my Coolorus rotation.

In case I should start to use Krita more frequently, I guess the best option will be to match by Coolorus angle to the one of Krita and get used to the new rotation.

But maybe the developers of Krita or that Pigment-O plugin are nice and add that feature anyway. It would make matching two programs easier.

My interest is to match with Krita not with Coolorus nor with Photoshop. Regardless my research tells me Krita’s path is the best path. Nor I see any interest in doing this from my end.

And good luck matching with Photoshop.

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As I said - if I should work in Krita more often, I will match the Coolorus rotation to the one of Krita. It’s all about getting used to your tools to be fast and comfortable with them.