April Daily Challenge - Mega-thread from Days 1-10

Hello, and welcome to the daily challenge contest! The rules are simple: create a piece of artwork using Krita that relates to the day’s theme, and post them on the respective thread.

We encourage you to explore new ways of improving your workflow, so you can leverage many of Krita’s abilities to your advantage!

If you miss a day, that’s alright! You can always post artwork for previous days (as long as they’re on the correct thread), or just continue on and keep painting!

This thread is for days 1 through 10, with the following themes:

Day 1 - Boldness
Day 2 - Forgery
Day 3 - Reflection
Day 4 - Frame
Day 5 - Light
Day 6 - Connection
Day 7 - Speed
Day 8 - Spelunking
Day 9 - Smooth
Day 10 - Reveal

Good luck, and have fun! <3

Days 11-20
Days 21-30


Day 1 - Boldness!

Wanted to test out how selections can increased the textured feel. It turned out quite a lot different than what I imagined, but then again, they all do :frowning:

See you again tomorrow!


#1 Boldness

I hope it’s bold enough! Lots of assistants used in this one. :slight_smile:

EDIT: And I just realised I didn’t draw the people in perspective. Ooops.



im short on time :slightly_frowning_face:
i tried using different fonts

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I don’t know why, but I immediately thought of making something like this

Nice work!

That is a bold color choice! :slight_smile:

#2 Forgery

A quick one. Just the basic stabilizer because we hates stabilizers.


Nice shape design, I dig it!

Day 2 - Forgery

Wanted to do something interesting value wise, and I think I did an okay job at it! Good enough for the time I have for today :slight_smile:

Hope you’re having a nice day!


Day 1 Boldness


It's a bit rushed but I was going for bold strokes and a bold mood.

There’s something wrong with your image upload.

Just because I’m late doesn’t mean I cannot have fun, too!
This is my Day 1st, Boldness:


#3 Reflections
Multibrushes! Inspired by this cat in a mirror corner.

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Uuuh, that’s a great lookin sketch!

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That cat is so confused :smiley: Nice work!

Day 3 - Reflection

This one had a bit more of symbolism. I wanted to portray the feeling of seeing your better self in your reflection, but your personal demons hold you down. Maybe a bit on the nose, but overall I’m happy with how it turned out, hope you like it too!

See you tomorrow!


I love the colours!

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Thank you!

Day 2 - Forgery

It’s a krasnoludek - which is how we in Polish call fantasy characters, looking like little dwarfs, they can be translated as elves sometimes. The name means “red little people” and the redness is about their pointed hats. They were supposed to help in the house (cleaning etc.) if people in the house left a bit of milk in a bowl etc. In my primary school there was this huge, huge book with “facts” about those creatures, including very detailed height measurements, how long the pregnancy lasts etc.

(They are not supposed to paint fake money… but I guess this girl got into an inappropriate company :wink: She’s terrified because all of her efforts got destroyed because of one faulty brush move).

I wanted something a bit different but I thought that it’s better to make a sketch than nothing :smiley:

I used a Colorize Mask here.