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Hey folks! My name is Avery, I’ve been making art in Krita for quite some time now, probably since back in 2016. I’m going to use this topic as a showcase of my incomplete/practice work that I do occasionally. As well as some of my old stuff that I made over the years.

Everything here is made in Krita, and I will specify if any other tools happen to be used. Feel free to comment about any of the stuff you see here!


I made this animation just today! It’s a quick little animated doodle of a robot in a trench coat.


I imagine this guy is walking into a coffee shop. :laughing:

I don’t do 2d animation a whole lot. But recently I got myself for Christmas an XP-Pen Pro 13 Inch screen tablet. And it has made quite a difference in the speed and quality of art I make digitally. Before I used a non digital screen Wacom tablet. And while it worked out great at the time, it was time for an uprade for me. :grin:

EDIT: Sorry the animation gif did not upload properly, but here is a link to it!


Can you give the link of the gif uploaded somewhere else, I’ll check what is the issue.

Can you review the XP tablet a bit more, specifically the drawing experience, how much if any lag, accuracy, feel and such.

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I’m using XP-Pen 12 Pro. Got it in September.
Really made a difference as well for me.

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Using my laptop. It lags when I use Krita and other software. It lags when I try to record anything. It shows in the recordings. Maybe because of my laptop. Not sure.

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I can say that yes… It does lag. But I use a laptop as well so it is to be expected. What I do is go into the settings and turn off the laptop monitor and only leave the tablet screen on, that seems to have the best accuracy and I can paint in 4k pretty well. I have yet to record at the same time.

The tablet also has a dial, and I LOVE the dial. I set to work exactly the same as the mouse wheel, so I can zoom in and out and scrub through animation very easily. Honestly, if you don’t have a tablet with a dial, I’m not even sure it’s worth having. :laughing:

It’s my first tablet ( with a screen ), so overall I think it’s pretty nice.


Right. Projecting the tablet as a second screen only helps, as well as setting it as the main display. Dial is very convenient. First screen tablet as well.

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You will quickly come to see that my style and subject matters are extremely varied in my art.


Character designs from one of my projects.


I like the fox! ^-^ They’re all so cute, especially that purple outfit. Since I don’t know much about these characters, I’m curious to know how you chose the animals that they are?

Thanks!! These characters were developed over the course of a couple years, starting with Roy the Rabbit being the first character I created, with the cat and fox (who’s names are undecided) being created to complement him. With the Owl being added last.

Each character is intended to have a specific personality type, the Cat being rambunctious and fun, the Fox being worrisome and easily scared, the Owl being grouchy and bored, and Roy simply being kind and empathetic. I can’t say how I chose these animals the way I did, but when I created this cast of characters they just felt right to me. :grin:

( And for those who don’t know these characters are intended for a future web-comic. Fingers crossed I’ll develop it soon. )

I need to share my sketches more often, I always feel weird about showing drawings that I deem unworthy of other peoples attention. To me they are just practice, or throw away drawings. But I started saving them and created this thread so I could get beyond my own self. So anyway, here goes!

I worry also that without context my sketches don’t make sense to others, so, just to give a little insight, the characters above are from an idea I have for a comic story. A story that I currently am still struggling to make real, but hopefully will eventually get to. Most sketches or drawings I do are of characters that I do intend to use for some kind of story.

Random drawings, especially that last one, I guess it’s troll creature? I don’t really know, I just draw weird things/try new styles occasionally. The black and white picture of the voldemort looking guy in the trench coat I think is neat, it’s a design I came up with a little while back, I kinda like it.

I did a short little comic a month ago called “Coffee for You”. It was a short funny comic about two robots. Anyway, after I finished it I thought about the idea of expanding the characters and story into a story based game, a short and simple game, nothing complicated. None the less, I don’t if I am, but it’s an idea I’ll keep in the back of my head, with all the rest of my ideas!

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A quick comic!


Just dropping in some more art. As usual, they are sketches/designs of characters that I’ve been attempting to develop for stories. Or just me practicing through the use of different styles.

These characters are much more cutesy/cartoony in style.

These are more dark sci-fi themed characters.

Attempts at a slightly more realistic style. Photo reference can really help you improve fast.


It’s been a while since I posted here, and I have a lot of art and sketches that build up yet never get seen, so, here are some of them!

You’ll often see recurring characters in my drawings, often I draw these characters repeatedly over a period of time because I plan and plot storylines for them either for comics or games. But often they get left in the dust because I never can settle down and write/draw these stories… Which makes me a bit sad, because I feel my characters have a lot of potential.

Shadow bow hunter animation.

Unfinished surreal art.


I guess I don’t look around much. Cool stuff.

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Thanks for the comment! This page is not updated to often, so it gets buried. :sweat_smile: