assistant tool

on the assistant tool there’s a little window that gives the options of: moving, seeing and deleting.
for someone who’s using it a lot, that window takes a very big space, and bother fixing the prospective.
I will ask if there’s a way to close that window and open it back by pressing some button or something?


I think every dockers size can be altered, each dockers like an individual tab that can be resized moved or deleted.

I’m talking of the little window on the bottom right of the tool when used.

Those three icons can be inconvenient and may even obscure their own and other assistant control handles.

It has been formally reported, some time ago:
396979 – assistant tool [improve]

There are some bugs that still need fixing and very many requests for changes. It takes time and effort and where that goes is decided by the developers.

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I think we’re talking here about these small windows:

Being able to temporary hide them would be usefull :slight_smile:



yes, that is it.

Ok thanks, I thought it was something else.

can it be closed, so I can change the shape?

No. It’s inconvenient and annoying and it has been formally reported.

Screenshot 2021-02-17 114453

that is my problem.