Having trouble here, with the nose in particular.

Also I’d really appreciate some pointers on how to get smooth blending… I seem to not have picked that skill up along the way.


Gotta find the right brush for it. I find the Mypaint round knife is pretty good. Air brush decent. So is the color brush.

I downloaded a couple brush packs
Here are two I like (play around with some, I think you’ll fine one that blends well).

Adjusting the brush opacity as you go helps
Shadow for nose could be less near his right eye

He’s coming along nicely. The nose looks good, too, but I think the nostrils would be slightly lifted to match the lip sneer. You have some great wrinkles near the bridge that match the mouth expression. His whole face shows there’s something shocking going on. Love it.

Haha, it seems I have bigger problems than I thought! It’s supposed to be a she. Admittedly I knew that was going to be a problem, given I wasn’t going to use any of the usual signifiers like makeup, and the expression is pretty extreme.

Anyway, I took a step back, reverted to an earlier version. I’d done some rendering on a separate layer and I just ditched that, and worked from a more sketch-like version:

I have to say, while my original intention was to try to get a really smooth, pallid skintone here, I kind of feel the face is almost done. I doubt I’m going to make it better by messing with it more. It’s a problem I have - sketches feel lively and the more finish I add, the worse it gets.