Version 6.0 of wojtryb's "Wont teach you to draw" brushpack relased

Hi guys,
Took a lot of time to prepare this release, but it’s finally here.

Resource folder
Direct download

The pack features 26 brush presets, many of those using impasto features.

This time apart from the version for users with and without tilt recognition in their tablets, I made a separate bundle for left-handed artists (needed only when using tilt). As always the set comes with the manual briefly describing all the presets in a set.

Best way to get them is by downloading the correct bundle from the first link, but you can also download everything from the second link if you have some problems with google drive.

Have a lot of fun with these and don’t forget to tag me if you manage to create something with them :wink:



Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

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You’re welcome :slight_smile:

Hi woytryb

Thanks a lot! I’m keen to try them…

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Awesome :slight_smile: good luck then. Let me know afterwards how it went.

That’s weird! :hushed:

I made this comment just before you posted this!

Thanks for making and sharing them - I’ll be testing them out for sure! :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:


Hah! Funny considering it was like half a year since the last update. You’re welcome, and thanks in advance for testing them out :wink:


These are very good :heart_eyes:, Can’t wait to test them out!

Thank you for sharing your brushes :pray:

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Great! Feel free to tell how the testing went. How they’ll serve you well :wink:

Thank you so much. It interesting what you can do i am still new to all this. :monkey::sparkles::blush:

No problem :slight_smile: We all started from scratch, so don’t get discouraged too quickly - I hope those brushes will help you to learn :slight_smile:

I love this I’m also new so i don’t know how to draw just yet

Will, we all start there, so just have fun and observe what others are doing :slight_smile: good luck

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Good day!!!
I entered the forum just to tell you that your brushes are absolutely beautiful. this version is more polished and balanced than the previous one.
Congratulations, my next illustration will be with these brushes.
a big hug

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I’m so glad to hear that! Thank you. Can’t wait to see this illustration.
Cheers :slight_smile:

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thanks a lot, I´ll try them asap, but I´m pretty sure they are great.

That’s great! I hope you’ll like them :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for sharing… Love them
But will you teach me to draw?

You’re welcome :slight_smile:
I guess that the vast majority of it, we have to learn ourselves :wink:

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Thanks for this!!!
Appreciate your work.