Balcony - Loose style with RGBA brushes in K 4.2.2

Experiment with the new brushes, mimic the knives and hard dry brushes on canvas. Ver 1 RFC.


Just curious if you have actual previous oil experience? You are like a “luminist”, very nice.


Wonderful! This work really demonstrates how Krita is being pushed in new directions with the RGBA brushes.


Wow, this is what rgba means and what I was thinking about while creating the brushes. Gorgeous texture and color management


@RamonM. My honour. Have been following your works and be your great fan. Exciting to hear from you.
Wonder if Krita in near future can have this type of brush effect - mixed color brushes-?


Thanks a lot for your words. I know that artist, and he is using Photoshop. Is a different software and his workflow is really customized.

We would need somebody who can code the mix color feature (color smudge) with clone in filter brush engine. Maybe @dkazakov, @Voronwe13 is your guy or @tiar, not me. But they are involved in something that requires all the Krita’s team potential. So maybe in future.
As a side note. Radian user created some brushes wworking with Clone. And i am experimenting too.
But is not that easy because Artem uses also Pattern things related with that.

But sometimes happens that the coders understand really fast the change and there is not hard code involved and they can offer a solution really fast. Who knows. :smiley:

Show them how important is this, with good arguments too and provide ideas or a new ways to do it. Create impressive Artwork as you are doing. That also works. We can generate easily the brushtips, and the patterns. Brushes with color dynamics is available in Krita, and RGBA works too +Imagine RGBA with color Smudge (goal for 5.0) so we only need what i have explained to you.

We all have to understand that Krita is not a PS copy. It has it 's own personality. I hope this helps you.


Many thanks for the quick reply. Most grateful. Migrating from PS to Krita in my workplace. Appreciate the Krita team n your work. Keep watching for the great things from you guys.

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I agree,Krita allows to be individual. Endless possibilities.

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Hi, @Mytee ans @RamonM!

Yes, @Voronwe13’s patch for the colorsmudge brush should do somethign like on the screenshot. We should just find time to fix a few final issues in the patch (


I am testing how to make similar style. What do you think?


Did a few exhibitions on real canvas with oil n acrylic. Observation that can b expressed in wet n dry brushes.
The above brushes r very close, very very close to wet brushes. Great. Wondering if they can b applied for this type - hard dry brushes n knives -.


If you plan on using the Radian brushes their brush pack can let you get a very similar multi color effect as that image. First make a little texture somewhere on your canvas using the “47_texture_generator” brush.


Than select any of the clone brushes with the purple icon and color pick the previous texture you created


You can also do it with the brush mode set to gradient map

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I will test them more as soon as i can :wink:

Many thanks for your help. Will try it shortly.

Quite new here. Just wanna say I appreciate you guys posing your work for us to admire and attempt to emulate. Learning Krita little-by-little; Still quite a ways away from your skill level.

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You can actually do mixed color brushes with the current version. You need an RGBA brushtip in Gradient mode. Here’s a brushtip I created for testing this mode, if you want to try it out:


If you take a (pixel engine) brush you like and change its brushtip image to this one, and set the brush mode to Gradient Map, it will use the currently selected gradient as the paint instead of the selected color.

The brush above doesn’t have any texture to it, so I also converted Ramon’s DA Oil brushtip for use with gradients, so if you want to try that out, it’s here:

DA_RGBA gradient.png

I know this isn’t exactly what PS does, but it does give you some options for painting with multiple colors at once. Hope this helps!


Many thanks. Will try.

glad to see you arround here @Voronwe13 . I will test those too, you have very good ideas. And i would like to test also the color smudge with RGBA as soon as posible. I have some ideas in mind :wink: