Beta 2 incoming! | Krita Weekly | Sept. 16, 2021

First I want to say a big thanks to anyone who participated in the first Krita 5 beta. Reporting bugs in the initial Krita 5 announcement, on Tiar’s structured beta tests, or posting individual posts/bug reports is all great and really helps to make Krita better. Even just trying it and posting it works well for you is also super useful so don’t feel shy to post your experience.

The next beta release will probably be released next week depending on if some issues get resolved. If you’ve used the first beta and encountered issues or bugs make sure to test out the new beta when it comes out and see if it’s resolved. A lot of bugs have been so there’s a good chance it has.

Bugs this week are up a little bit for the first time in a while. With 37 new bugs and 33 closed. Although with all the Krita 5 bug testing/reporting its a natural thing to happen.

New Features

Krita now has a new build type for windows (Clang12 via MSYS2) which should increase performance by 30-40% according to some benchmarks. It won’t be default for some time I think but its very promising (Dmitry Kazakov and Amyspark)

Tablet settings now include a maximum brush speed and brush smoothing options. These should help some people with their tablet behaving badly at fast strokes or not tracking your brush speed well (Dmitry Kazakov)


Fixed a missing file in a file layer causing a crash (Ivan Yossi)

Fixed storyboard docker crashing when undoing the first entry (Emmet O’Neill)

Bug Fixes

The default undo limit is now 200 instead of 30 (Halla Rempt)

Fixed the move tool breaking key frames and causing them to delete on restart (Eoin O’Neill)

Fixed brush preset history not loading if a brush with no name was used (Mathias Wein)

Fixed Lab documents having unusable colorspace (Amyspark)

The animation timeline zoom level now reliably saves on restart (Eoin O’Neill)

Fixed animation cache flushing when seeking in the timeline (Eoin O’Neill)

Fixed cursor sometimes freezing when Krita becomes idle (Mathias Wein)

Fixed file layers not saving on first save (Ivan Yossi)

Thanks for reading! If you like what the krita team is doing consider making a donation at It helps to keep the Krita devs working full time to make Krita better.


Wow that is awesome! :open_mouth: Is this a seperate build that the user downloads, or can it be changed in settings/upon installation?

Epic - super excited, the team is doing such a great job, even the 5.0 beta crashes only tiiny amounts when doing super specific stuff (and has been fixed shortly after I send bug reports :star_struck:)


Wow that is awesome! :open_mouth: Is this a seperate build that the user downloads, or can it be changed in settings/upon installation?

Amyspark created a test build in the merge request. I’m not sure how to link the comment but the download is here. Test it out and let use know how it works. Sadly I don’t have windows machine myself so I wasn’t able to test it myself.


Thank you! It might be placebo, but it feels faster and smoother! :grin: Will try the build more tomorrow, and report bugs if I find them :+1: