Brush Fixer for brushes created in Krita 5.1 beta 1

Krita 5.1 beta 1 has a bug in saving brushes, I made a plugin that converts the brush presets created in that version to brush presets readable by Krita 5.0.0-5.0.6 and Krita 5… beta2 and future versions.

:bangbang: If you haven’t saved any brushes in Krita 5.1. beta 1 version, maybe not even used beta1 version, then you don’t need this plugin. :bangbang:

Plugin repo link: Agata Cacko / Brushes Metadata Fixer · GitLab
Plugin zip link:

Disclaimer :warning:

I checked and it worked for me, but you should always back up things, especially when using a plugin created by one person in just a few hours…

Installation :wrench:

Then restart Krita.

Usage :surfing_man:

  1. Prepare the files:
    • if you just have some .kpp files, you’re good to go
    • if you have a bundle you want to fix, you need to change the extension to .zip and unzip it somewhere.
  2. Make sure you have backups of the files you want to convert, preferebly backups of the whole folder or bundle.
  3. Go to Tools -> Scripts -> Brush Fixer (for 5.1 beta 1 brushes).
  4. Press Select files, find the files and select them. In the textbox above you can see the selected files.
  5. Press OK.
  6. If you converted files from a bundle, you need to:
    • remove the backup files (I assume you have a backup of the bundle somewhere - you should!)
    • zip the folder again and change the extension back to .bundle.
  7. Restart Krita.

Feedback :speech_balloon:

Feedback welcome in this thread.
Merge requests welcome at Agata Cacko / Brushes Metadata Fixer · GitLab .


Wow, that was quick! Thank you so much for doing this! Working fine here. :heart_eyes:

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Works for me.
Even though it was a bug in the unstable version where it’s “use at your own risk”, I’m glad to see a script to fix the affected brushes. (Much easier than manually recreating them.)

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Thanks a lot for this. I had 3-4 brushes that I made during beta1(although they are just modifications of already existing brushes in some bundles). Loved them but Krita was crashing every time I select them. But now they work fine


What brushes are these if you don’t mind ? They seem so fit for traditional looking digital painting…

These are attempts to import a photoshop brush pack from one guy on Artstation. It’s only 3 brushes from that set, sadly not fully transferable. And another blender that I adjusted from another krita bundle shared here.
I used mainly one of them, the others are mainly there for adding a bit of texture

This is also affected:

…and probably there are more that we don’t know of at the moment…


Works for me :slight_smile: Thanks!

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