Brush function ( brush weight )? not sure how to describe what I am looking for

I have done a lot of looking, perhaps this can be done but I could not find an answer, so I appologise if I missed something.
I have been thinking about brush control, and as near as I can figure, what I am looking for isn’t available yet. What I am looking for is to be able to assign a point on my pre defined brush tip, to always point to that focus.
Imagine, a 9x9 grid, where I could assign a focus, of the tip top of the brush.
So imagine if my brush was pine trees, and I assigned to center top of the grid, and sketched, the tip of the brush woudl always remain where the arc of my brush stroke is.
Once again, sorry if this is a feature I have yet to discover! :slight_smile:
I did a lot of searching and video watching today hehe.

Sorry if I added this to wrong location.


I’m 90% certain that what you want to achieve already exist in the brush model .gih. In the concept of Layers to be more specific.

It was initially discussed in the topic: Do you have any thoughts on gih brushes?

AFAIK the discussion led to the Feature Request Topic: Expanded options for .gih brushes?
So if you’re asking for something that an expanded options from .gih brushes would suffice, you can give a vote too.

Another thing, if your request indeed is the same as the topic above can @raghukamath merge your topic right?

Just so you see more directly how the .gih brush standard and your request may overlap here is a screenshot.

From the link: Gimp Docs. GIH Dialog Box


Although, looking at your screenshot again (it is late here, so forgive me, I gave up on reading your post again and based only on the figure) what you want may be already implemented?!

If you just want to have your brush tip pointing 90º degree of the stroke than it is possible.

Sure it has some constraints, but it is only the logic of the setting. This being: strokes Left to Right always ‘point up’, and Right to Left will ‘point down’.
So a clockwise circular stroke has Pine Trees outwards, and an anti-clockwise stroke has Pine Trees pointing inwards.

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I will give that a try,
as you said " late here" hehe and some times you just dont find what you need on searchinga nd so forth. I agree probably merge it or move it to a spot if this isn’t something new/needed.

My luck with what you did there has been far from successful. Hehe, I’ll look at your settings screenshot for hints.

Edit: This helps fix a couple brushes, however still not what I was wanting.
I will still try to find a work around.
I will try to explain again.
Imagine thebase of the tree is gravity to the circle you are drawing, and, the tip of the tree is reaching to the sky, and you draw a circle/globe, the tree bade would always point to the center gravity of the brush stroke.
( if this makes sense ) :slight_smile:
Hope this helps explain what I am looking for.
I will try to read up on this brush tip thing and see if that can solve my thoughts.|

( health problems with brain fog etc, doesn’t help me explain well some times, sorry about that )