[Bug ask for Regression] Krita 5 Embedded G'MIC Path


Linux, using appimage (Krita 4.4.5 and prealpha Krita 5 appimage and your G’MIC 2.9.6 appimage)

The fact that you’ve embedded G’MIC in the next iteration of Krita (5), is very smart and awesome for many reasons that I will not list here. But Gals/Guys what a GREAT idea!

The thing is, G’MIC 2.9.6 got a bug recently when we update its filters, and you (Developers) might not be able to keep it up with G’MIC, and that’s VERY OK, better to have an old version of G’MIC than not having G’MIC at all. :blush: :+1: :+1:

In the Krita 4.4.5 (for example) we can chose which G’MIC we want to use

Still Krita 4.4.5 but I changed from the G’MIC appimage to an upgraded G’MIC 2.9.8 to resolve the bug

In Krita 5 I cannot chose anymore the G’MIC version I would like to use,
For example, today after updating the G’MIC’s filters (see bug report link below) I got a broken G’MIC 2.9.6 without the possibility to change the G’MIC version/place on my HD I would like to use, as I cannot change it (see screenshot below

I would like to be able to chose the G’MIC version in Krita 5, is it possible?
for example when suddenly a bug happens in an older G’MIC version like it’s happening right now in the G’MIC 2.9.6 that you have embedded in Krita 5 and which is not maintained anymore by the G’MIC’s team, we got stuck with this bug.
see GMI'C filters errors and a bug I reported on KDE over there 439990 – Updating filters make them not working anymore


In all case, thanks a lot for your time reading my explanations (I hope I was clear enough)


There were some changes that would enable gmic for Krita on MAC. I think that there should be a separation between Mac and windows/Linux builds with regards to this.