[bug?] Colour picker is behaving weird with vector shapes

I am seeing strange behaviour with the colour picker on vector shapes. When I select an almost white colour, it slowly turns black.

This is on Krita 5.2 nightly, Windows 10.

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Here’s another one with the latest Krita plus:

If I change the fill or stroke colour of a vector object (or swap fill and stroke colours) the colour change.

Apparently, opening the Configure Krita dialog by hotkey (Ctrl+K) also makes the vector object change colour.

Though it does not when it is invoked from the menu.

Some time ago, there was a bug where the vector fill colour changed during particular operations.
I can’t remember how long ago or what happened with it though.

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I think K is for darkening the current foreground colour. I believe this is getting triggered when you press ctrl k

It shouldn’t make the foreground colour darker, because there is no shortcut assigned to it (I exported all shortcuts so even the default shortcut is no longer present there now).

Here’s the bugreport link by the way:

It also appears this happens when I use another colour selector type or colour model type, so it doesn’t appear to be related to the particular configuration I use.


Sadly, I haven’t been able to reproduce the bug on any of my devices. But I do have a clue what might be going on, but to be sure can you please test the debug package with some additional logs. And attach the log file generated in the logview docker.

(if you’re wondering, the package and source are from here: WIP: Fix vector objects changing colors haphazardly. (!1586) · Merge requests · Graphics / Krita · GitLab) :slight_smile:

This is a long know bug for pigmento. And I have been working on a fix.

A while back this did not happen but there was a change made to vector layers that made this happen. I have already spoken about this.

My idea is that the colour on the vector object is wrong or pigmento would not react like that either.

So you also encountered this bug @EyeOdin?
If so, do you have more info on this for @sh-zam?

I’ll try get back to you with the log this weekend.

yes and for a good while now. and you can probably see reports of it on my thread too. when pigmento has a miss match of color it does the same exact thing. and vector objects cause the spiral into black to be active. one of the reasons I never took the ON / OFF button from it.

do you use the pigmento plugin?

can you please elaborate on that?

I have also met, and this is our discussion at that time:

I have it installed, but I don’t use the Pigmento docker.
Got confused by all the options :sweat_smile:

Yes I use all my plugins.

Hmm, I tested it, the plugins don’t get disabled even if the docker is removed. So, can you check if this plugin has the “On mode” enabled or not (by default it is enabled) and it causes a similar issue as described here…

I do have a patch within Krita which could fix this problem, but I’m not 100% sure. Unfortunately, I couldn’t test it myself because I use a higher version of Qt and I don’t think Pigment.O supports it. Do you build Krita from source, if you do I can share the patch for you to test?

I can’t build Krita since I am on windows sorry. I will have to convert it to a higher Qt version later on.

Do you mean that Pigmento causes this bug? I’ll have to check tomorrow.

I can confirm this bug also occurs without Pigment.O installed. I have disabled the plugin, closed Krita and it still occurred when I reopened Krita.

@sh-zam I checked the download link just now, where am I supposed to extract the contents of the ZIP whereaver Krita would install itself with the installer?

All three issues or just the flipping foreground-background color?

No, you can extract the zip file anywhere and should be able to run Krita from there.