Pigment.O plugin

My apologies. Activate performance > inaccurate.

It does not work.

Then it is not the conversion function for sure. I am at a loss. I will probably revert back then. Thanks.

Some new findings: Pigment.o will not synchronize the color picker after I start krita, and the brush speed is normal at this time. When I put the mouse on the docker of pigment.o, it started to run and caused the delay of the paintbrush

WIP sometimes do be like that sometimes.

I found the variable that was missing.
But it has no lag for you because it was turn off, this should work but do nothing for the lag.
Either way I still need more time to work on it later to not crash, I just patched it quickly for now that point.

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hi. I also found thatthe “on” mode will cause an abnormality in the vector tool. I don’t know if this is the same problem as delay…

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@TheTwo I have noticed that too. A couple of versions back that did not happen though. that is why I have the ON/OFF switch still you never know when Krita might start acting up.

Recently I am experimenting with some colors. It took me a lot of time to pick colors.
Is it possible to make buttons that increase/decrease values? We can fine-tune the number, long press will change continuously

edit:I notice that the mouse wheel can control the color very well, but for the digital pen…

Set up the KEY shortcuts and then the color space for each key. Mind you shifting is not perfect while it is on or your not hovering the docker. Only RGB (same space as document) is responsive everywhere.

I tried it, and only RGB requires six shortcut keys. I usually open rgb and hcy, the shortcut keys are not enough… so I still prefer buttons like this

edit:I used the buttons on the digital pen to set “↑” and “↓”, but the effect is not very good: I have to click on the value first, and then shake very badly when I press the button, and I can only change 1 at a time

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ALT + LMB to do plus one or minus one point with the sliders there is no need for arrows. Also use arrow keys or pageup and pagedown to do that.

I am not gonna add miniscule arrows when you can use the whole slider in its place or shortcut keys. Those arrows are way too small to be usable. Not to mention the keyboard is faster and more maleable. Also if you hide the values it would mean you would loose the plus1 and minus1 function and it is not the case.

Regardless if you need it too much you can install python to have pip, do a pip install for Pyqt5 so you have qtdesigner. Then you can open the UI file and change the buttons by just changing from no arrows to arrows on the menu for them. If you search “value” it will show all spin boxes and then can do a multi select to change all with a single click and save. Then everytime it loads it will be there.

Pigmento is open source you can tweak it, some are more complicated to tweak than others but the arrows is rather easy to do. No programming skills required it is just a drop-down menu to select how it will be.

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  • Menus for the script actions are now cleaner. I have been wanting to do something like this for a while I just did not know how. Sorry.

  • Gamut masks in Krita5 have a save setting per file.

  • Menu organization to make XYZ and RGB conversion methods to be more clear for the user. Updated Manual along side this change.


The latest version of pigment.O is no longer delayed! ! :smiley:


No delay? Well I am happy it is working now.

But as much as I don’t know what caused it I don’t how it got fixed. I really did nothing that should help performance in fact I made the saves heavier. I don’t understand but cool.

I should say that in the latest version some of my brushes get messed up when I slide on Pigment.O’s sliders. It’s no big deal since a quick attempt to rescale brings back the normal bursh size and settings.
Also yes, previous version was lagging for me, and this one is back being smooth.
Since python is single threaded, I wonder if your save(if you only touched that) was doing too much calls and calculations. Or maybe too many checks of states of color variables…

Changing colour alters your brush size? There is no code for that in pigmento now. Only tela can change that as it was fully migrated into Tela. If you could show me it happen I would probably guess better where is that happening but I doubt because those commands don’t exist. SOF is tela brush panel.

I only added a new save for the annotations for per document for gamut mask settings when it saves. The rest only happens on startup.

It only saves at 2 events, when it closes and when your mouse leaves pigmento.

Python can be threaded or it was before Krita 4.4.8. Tela was threaded until it was somehow killed now it only acts like any other class. Is just another optical illusion of mine like all my other bug reports.

But is strange Krita acting up with Pigmento on stuff it does not even touch.

Yes I would also assume that Pigment.O wouldn’t have anything to do with brush settings. Maybe it’s Krita who is querying something and if Pigment.O change that , Krita bugs out.

Here is what I get. I’m not sure but it does happen with that brush only:

If your remark about people looking at your code was about me commenting on python. I really don’t know your code dude. I never even looked at it. I’m making a suggestion that I hope helps you out, maybe it doesn’t help, never said it to critique your code.

This is not you @okuma_10 . I am not even a programmer I know my code is kinda bad even if I try it not to be. It has been getting better with all the help I have had from everyone since I never had any training on this what so ever.

The thing is there is a group of people of about 7 to 8 people that are keeping a close eye on Pigmento since this number never changes only the view count. They never download and considering there are only 2 files of interest in my code being spiked to 80 views means they probably spend the whole day to look at them repeatedly or checking everything inside throughly. And this past month or so this has been increasing to every 2 days or so and not every 2 weeks as before.

I don’t mind people taking a look or doing a download but like this does not sound just regular curiosity. Is too much and too often from too few.

I have had a big gamming company steal my concepts (design, story and gameplay) before and made VERY popular IPs from it, stuff that I was meant to be my out of colleague portefólio, I even gave up after that. I paint like shit so if they steal my ideas I can’t compete… it is all in my head? Maybe but the timing matches and friends confirm some thing’s are identical or too similar to what you play with. Is why I don’t post my ideas anymore and only came back only last year to do my own things and started with this project because I needed tools and learn Python also.

So I get easily upset looking at the statistics and people looking way too much like they are investigating constantly, I already know what it means even if my code sucks.

It is why I placed the copyright messages on the code itself recently even though pigmento was shipping the license with it on every copy already. I don’t know who or if it is even a bot of someone so better safe than sorry. I still need to probably add an extra notice but I am still thinking how I place it on the menu to not be annoying to people.

If PS or someone not open source stole my stuff I would probably loose my mind…


Ah I see…yeah I kind of understand. Although I’m not that zealous about guarding my stuff. I like doing art so what if they steal stuff I already painted. Unless it’s something I’m selling.

As for the code…well that’s how I download the latest version. I go to the github and download the repository as zip and load it from Krita. Maybe others are doing the same?

Also yeah, I also am not a programmer. I also learned Python because I wanted to make tools for Blender that I needed for my day to day job. But on that front as well I’m not zealous about people taking part from my code…as it is a complete mess(maybe they are looking for the logic or how I did something, not necessary my code copy->pase). Still it’s a bit upsetting that I see some blender features appearing that are presented as new and unique, while I made these features as a free addon like 3 years a go. And one can never be sure that the guy who implemented these features ,never saw my addon. The only time I might get too upset is as you said…something that I created to be used by everyone for free is being sold by someone.

Oh and about the brush thing. Apparently it’s something in Krita. On some menus that I rarely click…the same thing happened. So it’s not necessary something related to Pigment.O, but Krita isntead. I did saw on one nightly version update that they touched something in PyQt so it might be causing issues.

If it stays open source is quite different experience than when they are making tons of money off what you did and even making promotional videos with your stolen characters for events and stuff as it becomes the star of the show for their game and favoured by the meta even. But I must admit they did a much better job than I would be able to execute…

Only thing I think is if I am good enough to be stolen from might as well make them stuff too I guess.

I never though learning programming would kinda fall in a somewhat similar situation.

When I get to the pc I will see the video better I can’t see what you mean on the phone well.

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